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Nogarole Rocca / 26.01.2021 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters exclusive supplier to Volkswagen Group for its popular EA288 EVO diesel engines

100% supply of diesel filters for 1.6 and 2.0 litres EA288 EVO engines on MQB platforms

Nogarole Rocca / 22.12.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters invests in sustainable mobility by acquiring a stake in the innovative start-up BeonD

UFI Filters acquires 24.9% of BeonD, a start-up and spin-off of the Turin Polytechnic

Stezzano / 08.12.2020 / Brembo

Brembo recognized with prestigious double ‘A’ score for global climate and water stewardship

Brembo has been recognized for leadership in corporate sustainability by global environmental non-profit CDP

Stezzano / 18.11.2020 / Brembo

Brembo announces the acquisition of SBS Friction

The transaction will allow the Group to integrate brake pads in its two-wheeler product portfolio, strengthening its leadership in this strategic sector

Nogarole Rocca / 11.11.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters appoints new Sales and Marketing Aftermarket EMEA Director

Onofrio Defina has been appointed as head of the European, Middle Eastern and African Aftermarket.

Stezzano / 09.11.2020 / Brembo

Brembo financial results on 30 September 2020

Brembo: Q3 margins in line with the previous year despites the complex context. Net profit €51.7 million.

Nogarole Rocca / 28.10.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI MULTITUBE, the revolution in engine air filtration for the Maserati MC20 supercar

The revolutionary engine air filtration technology has been selected as Original Equipment for the latest Maserati supercar.

Büdingen / 22.10.2020 / Exide Technologies

Exide führt erste online App für Werkstätten ein, die Batterien in 5 Minuten testet

Die Batterietest-App ermöglicht Werkstätten, Testergebnisse zu analysieren und sofort Optionen für den Batteriewechsel anzubieten.

Büdingen / 13.10.2020 / Exide Technologies

Exide erweitert mit GEL-Batterie ED2103 sein LKW Portfolio für Stadtbusse

Die Endurance+PRO GEL-ED2103 ist die Optimierung der GEL-Technologie von Exide speziell für Nutzfahrzeuge mit zyklenbelastenden Einsätzen.

Stezzano / 05.10.2020 / Brembo

Brembo innovation just keeps going

The first ever Brembo Days - dedicated to spare parts professionals and fans - are set to take place from 6th until 9th October

Stezzano / 16.09.2020 / Brembo

Brembo introduces Enesys, Energy Saving System®

The new, innovative solution improves vehicle performance and contributes to reducing emissions.

Stezzano / 16.09.2020 / Brembo

Brembo’s new Greentive® brake disc

A technological solution that reduces the brake dust emissions, thanks to an innovative coating

Stezzano / 16.09.2020 / Brembo

Brembo begins its new journey to become a Solution Provider

Brembo is going to become a Solution Provider through smart, more sustainable and digital products and services

Stezzano / 09.09.2020 / Brembo

Brembo wins the 2020 Compasso d’Oro Award

Brembo has won the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award for its Formula E brake caliper.

Büdingen / 03.08.2020 / Exide Technologies

Exide verstärkt sein EFB-Batteriesortiment für den Nutzfahrzeugbereich

Die weiterentwickelten EFB-Nassbatterien für LKW zeichnen sich vor allem durch ein neues Leistungsniveau aus.

Stezzano / 29.07.2020 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the first half of 2020

Revenues for the first half of 2020 at €951.1 million

Büdingen / 27.07.2020 / Exide Technologies

Exide ergänzt Sortiment rekuperationsfähiger EFB-Batterien um EL1000

Wie sämtliche DIN-Typen der EFB-Baureihe ist auch die EL1000 mit der neuesten Generation der Carbon Boost 2.0-Technologie ausgestattet.

Nogarole Rocca / 23.07.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters oil module for BMW second generation 6-cylinder engines

UFI Filters is once again confirmed as a trusted partner of BMW

Lumezzane / 22.07.2020 / Saleri

Saleri aktiviert Eilaufträge und Bestandsübersichten über TecCom

Der Entwickler und Hersteller von Kühlsystemlösungen stellt seinen Kunden eine Plattform zur Bestelloptimierung zur Verfügung.

Nogarole Rocca / 01.07.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters sponsors online star Archie Hamilton in the Porsche Sprint Challenge GB

The company announces social media influencer Archie Hamilton as a new company brand ambassador.

Stezzano / 24.06.2020 / Brembo

Refined Brembo performance for Polestar brake system

Brembo and Polestar collaborate on an all-new aluminum brake caliper specifically designed for the Polestar 2

Nogarole Rocca / 23.06.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters expands production: specific areas of industrial sites dedicated to the manufacture of filter material for masks

The production of the latest-generation materials will be used for the manufacture of masks and personal protective equipment.

Stezzano / 22.05.2020 / Brembo

Brembo advices: How to avoid brake stiction

Corrosion on brake discs can cause multiple problems – Brembo advices how to deal with them

Stezzano / 11.05.2020 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the first quarter of 2020

Brembo revenues to €575.9 million, net profit at €29.8 million

Stezzano / 27.04.2020 / Brembo

Brembo resumes some italian operations

The company gradually reopens its sites in Italy, resuming part of the production

Stezzano / 23.04.2020 / Brembo

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo

The General Shareholders' Meeting of Brembo approved the Financial Statements for the year 2019

Stezzano / 01.04.2020 / Brembo

Brembo acquires an interest in Pirelli

By adopting a long-term non-speculative approach, Brembo has autonomously decided to invest in Pirelli.

Nogarole Rocca / 31.03.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters blocks 2.5 million illegal transactions in collaboration with CONVEY

Almost 5 million euros of potential revenue from counterfeit goods intercepted, 6,125 illegal products identified in the last two years

Stezzano / 30.03.2020 / Brembo

Brembo donates 1 million euros to research in the fight against the coronavirus

The company is supporting the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, the Fondazione per la Ricerca Ospedale di Bergamo (FROM) foundation and the Mario Negri Institute, in their research.

Stezzano / 17.03.2020 / Brembo

Innovation, heritage and passion come togetherin the new DYATOM™ carbon ceramic disc

The most advanced carbon ceramic brake disc developed by Brembo SGL (BSCCB) takes the stopping power of the Ford GT MK II to the next level.

Nogarole Rocca / 10.03.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI and SOFIMA cabin air filters range boosted with 135 new product references

The range offered by the UFI Group has grown significantly over the past three years

Stezzano / 09.03.2020 / Brembo

Brembo 2019 Annual Report

Brembo revenues at €2,591.7 million, net investments amounted €247.3 million.

Nogarole Rocca / 27.02.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI MULTITUBE: the revolution in air filtration debuts on the FIAT 500 Hybrid Launch Edition

UFI MULTITUBE moves into the A-segment of city cars.

Redditch / 19.02.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI strengthens its Aftermarket development team for UK and Ireland

UFI Filters has appointed Chloe Turner as UFI Aftermarket UK & Ireland Business Development Manager.

Stezzano / 14.02.2020 / Brembo

Brembo receives the Daimler Supplier Award in sustainability

Brembo is the winner of the prestigious commendation with which the German group honours its key suppliers.

Stezzano / 03.02.2020 / Brembo

Brembo achieves place on ‘A List’ for corporate leadership in water security and for leading effort against climate change

Brembo is commended as a global leader in sustainable water and climate management.

Stezzano / 18.12.2019 / Brembo

Bremboparts: In 2019, the website dedicated to aftermarket professionals registered 1,000,000 visitors has become the reference for repairers including catalogues, technical content and support service.

Stezzano / 16.12.2019 / Brembo

The LIFE CRAL project, an innovative, low CO2 technology for production of components for cars and motorbikes

Brembo SpA has built a pilot plant which uses semi-solid metal alloy processing for the automotive industry.

Lumezzane, Italien / 03.12.2019 / Saleri

Saleri startet mit erweitertem Sortiment elektrischer Zusatzwasserpumpen in den Aftermarket

Saleri führt ein umfangreiches Sortiment elektrischer Zusatzwasserpumpen für den Ersatzteilmarkt ein.

Los Angeles / 18.11.2019 / Brembo

Brembo introduces Flexira™ the new technology for compact calipers

A new caliper concept is now available to manufacturers of high volume production cars

Stezzano / 07.11.2019 / Brembo

Brembo financial results at 30 September 2019

Brembo revenues at 30 September 2019 at €1,971 million

Milan / 05.11.2019 / Brembo

Brembo’s classic GP4-rr caliper returns completely updated

The GP4 caliper family has been completed with the arrival of the new Brembo GP4-rr, the ultra-high-performance monobloc racing caliper

Milan / 05.11.2019 / Brembo

Brembo 16RCS Corsa Corta

Brembo is expanding its RCS Corsa Corta range by introducing the new 16RCS CORSA CORTA: an innovative motorcycle clutch master cylinder featuring technical solutions already adopted in MotoGP

Milan / 05.11.2019 / Brembo

New PR19 radial brake master cylinder MY 20

On the occasion of EICMA 2019, Brembo has launched the new PR19 radial brake master cylinder, Model Year 2020

Stezzano / 05.11.2019 / Brembo

Brembo and Harley-Davidson

Brembo introduces a new braking system designed for Harley-Davidson flagship models

Milan / 05.11.2019 / Brembo

Brembo Stile

The initiative combines company's DNA for technological innovation with the design and style of new aesthetic languages, further developing the brand's identity

Milano / 05.11.2019 / Brembo

Stylema® R: the natural evolution of species

Brembo is expanding its range of brake calipers with Stylema® R, the latest innovation for the super sports bikes of tomorrow

Nogarole Rocca / 29.10.2019 / UFI Filters

New UFI Filters oil module for the Volkswagen Group’s mild hybrid engines

New oil module for EA 288 EVO mild hybrid 2.0 litre engines

Bahadurgarh, India / 18.10.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters Group opens its 18th industrial site worldwide: SOFIMA FILTERS INDIA PVT. LTD

The Group opens its 18th production site worldwide – the third in India – dedicated exclusively to the Aftermarket

Stezzano / 16.10.2019 / Brembo

New Brembo brake caliper repair kits

Brembo supplemented its Aftermarket product range with 300 new brake caliper repair kits.

Paris / 08.10.2019 / Brembo

Brembo on display at Equip Auto 2019

From 15 to 18 October, Brembo will be back at Equip Auto to present its product range and an all-new initiative

Nogarole Rocca / 16.09.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters and Dino Zamparelli mark a successful partnership in the final race of the British GT Championship

This season of the British GT Championship came to an end with the final race in Donington, which marked a very important debut for UFI Filter

Ingolstadt / 10.09.2019 / MT Technologies

MT Technologies has given shape to the AI:TRAIL quattro

The Ingolstadt-based model maker has been closely involved in the formation process of Audi's vision car, all the way from its virtual draft to the finished clay model

Stezzano / 10.09.2019 / Brembo

Dyadema™, a technological GEM

Brembo presents a brand-new product at IAA: Dyadema™, the exclusive new brake caliper for the highest-performance supercars

Stezzano / 29.07.2019 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the first half of 2019

Revenues for the first half of 2019 at €1,323.8 million

Berlin / 04.07.2019 / Brembo

Brembo receives Mercurio 2019 Award

This prestigious recognition was awarded for the development of Italian excellencies in Germany and throughout the world.

Chongqing / 07.06.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters Group inaugurates its 6th industrial site in China

The Group opens its 17th industrial site in the world - the 6th in China

Bologna / 27.05.2019 / UFI Filters

New UFI and Sofima Light Vehicles catalogues 2019/2020

UFI Filters is launching its new Light Vehicles catalogues 2019/2020 for both its brands, UFI and Sofima, at Autopromotec in Bologna

Stezzano / 23.05.2019 / Brembo

All the secrets behind Brembo’s Formula E brakes

Brembo is the unique supplier to all the 11 Teams in the Championship with bespoke calipers, carbon discs & pads

Nogarole Rocca / 22.05.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI ARGENTIUM filters - the revolution in cabin air filtration

UFI Filter presents at Autopromotec a material that marks the beginning of a new generation of cabin air filtration.

Gennevilliers / 22.05.2019 / Exide Technologies

Exide Unveils New Generation Carbon Boost 2.0 Technology to Empower EFB and Premium Batteries with Unique Benefits

The innovative technology uses improved carbon additives that combine an optimized surface structure with significantly better conductivity

Stezzano / 09.05.2019 / Brembo

Brembo results for the first quarter of 2019

Revenues grew by 1.4% to €667.1 million

Milano / 08.05.2019 / Brembo

“Brembo, Designing Emotions” at Fuorisalone 2019

“Brembo, Designing Emotions” is the project that seven artists contributed to completely free of any creative constraints, taking inspiration from the iconic Brembo brake caliper

Stezzano / 06.05.2019 / Brembo

Daniele Schillaci appointed Chief Executive Officer of Brembo

CEO Andrea Abbati Marescotti to leave the Company on June 30th 2019

Stezzano / 18.04.2019 / Brembo

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo

Brembo Financial Statements for the year 2018: revenues amounted to €2,640.0 million

Shanghai / 17.04.2019 / NIO

All New ET Preview Makes Debut at Auto Shanghai 2019

The ET Preview represents NIO’s exploration of an all new car body, whose sleek new contours combine elegant proportions with power and beauty through a minimalistic design

Shanghai / 15.04.2019 / NIO

NIO Power Swap Receives Distinction for High Design Quality in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019

Second Red Dot accolade in a row for NIO’s charging infrastructure confirms NIO’s “Driven by Design” philosophy

Gennevilliers / 05.04.2019 / Exide Technologies

Exide Sponsors Intact GP Racing Team for Moto2 Season 2019

The Intact GP team this year include Marcel Schrötter, the exciting young German rider, and Tom Lüthi, the experienced Swiss rider, who became one of the youngest world champions in history

Nogarole Rocca / 04.04.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI launches innovative oil filter for the new MAN D15 engine

UFI Filters has launched an original equipment oil module for the innovative engine used on many of the German manufacturer's heavy vehicles

Shanghai / 03.04.2019 / NIO

NIO Brings ES6 and NIO Power Solution to Auto Shanghai 2019

On display will be the EP9, one of the fastest electric cars in the world; the NIO EVE vision car; NIO’s high-performance electric flagship SUV, the ES8; and the high-performance, long-range, electric SUV, the ES6

Nanjing / 03.04.2019 / Brembo

Brembo inaugurates its new aluminium brake caliper production hub in Nanjing

The hub integrates a foundry with production lines in a facility next to the plant that was inaugurated in 2012 for the production of brake discs

Gennevilliers / 02.04.2019 / Exide Technologies

Exide Technologies attends Autopromotec 2019 with latest Carbon Boost batteries

Launch of latest Carbon Boost technology in Exide’s Aftermarket EFB and Premium battery ranges for cars, improving lifetime and performance

Stezzano / 25.03.2019 / Brembo

Brembo 19RCS CORSA CORTA receives distinction in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019

Radial master cylinder features a host of technical solutions drawn directly from the master cylinders used in MotoGP

Redditch / 20.03.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI boosts its Aftermarket team and warehouse in UK and Ireland

UFI Filters has appointed seasoned industry professional David Price as UFI Aftermarket UK and Ireland Sales Development Manager

Nogarole Rocca / 18.03.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters presents a revolution in cabin air filtration at Autopromotec

The company is set to attend Autopromotec to present a breakthrough product, that marks the birth of a new generation of cabin filtration solutions

Stezzano / 13.03.2019 / Brembo

Flexira™, Brembo’s patented technology for compact calipers selected in the category “mechanical components”

Flexira™, the new technology for compact fixed calipers has been selected in the category "Mechanical Components" in the Innovation Gallery of Motortec

Stezzano / 13.03.2019 / Brembo

Brembo’s co-cast brake disc received a special acknowledgement from the Innovation Gallery of Motortec

Brembo’s brake disc for the aftermarket is an innovative solution that combines both lightweight and resistance

Nogarole Rocca / 05.03.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters sponsors Dino Zamparelli in the British GT Championship

Zamparelli will make his British GT Championship debut in the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, which will be emblazoned with the UFI Filters brand

Genf / 05.03.2019 / Brembo

Brembo auf dem Genfer Automobil-Salon

Auf dem Genfer Automobil-Salon hat Brembo die folgenden Neuigkeiten vorgestellt: Beyond Colour, Dual-Cast Brake Disc, Lightweight Brembo brake disc

Stezzano / 05.03.2019 / Brembo

Beyond Colour

Brembo continues to experiment with colour, playing with the latest trends in fashion, art, style and design.

Stezzano / 05.03.2019 / Brembo

Lightweight Brembo brake disc, now even bigger!

At the International Motor Show in Geneva, Brembo is presenting an extension of its lightweight brake disc range with the arrival of a version for high-performance vehicles

Stezzano / 05.03.2019 / Brembo

Dual-cast brake disc

Brembo introduces the second generation of the dual-cast floating brake disc made of two materials

Stezzano / 04.03.2019 / Brembo

Brembo annual report 2018

Brembo revenues in 2018 grew by 7.2% to €2,640 million

Stezzano / 27.02.2019 / Brembo

Lowbrasys, the clean technology for tomorrow’s brakes

This project was initiated in September 2015 and has achieved all the goals that had been set out to reduce by half the emissions that can be produced while braking

Stezzano / 22.01.2019 / Brembo

Brembo among elite group of companies to be scored ‘A’ for both climate change and water security

Brembo has been highlighted as a global leader in corporate sustainability by environmental impact non-profit CDP

Nogarole Rocca / 16.01.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters joins ATR International AG

UFI Filters joins one of the most important networks operating worldwide in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket.