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UFI Filters opens its new premises in Australia to expand the global Aftermarket business in the 5th continent

UFI Filters
  • UFI FILTERS Australia Pty Ltd, in Sydney is the company’s 57th global sales office
  • Development of the Aftermarket business in Oceania, with a special focus on Heavy Duty and cabin air filtration
  • The key success factors are OE pedigree and technological innovation

UFI Filters, a leader in filtration and the production of heat exchangers for combustion, electric and hybrid vehicles, is opening a new sales office in Australia. This is an important milestone for the Group, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary. The initial goal of the new Sydney premises of UFI Filters Australia Pty Ltd will be the development of the Aftermarket for light, heavy and off-road vehicles in Australia, as well as acting as a launch pad for other markets such as neighbouring New Zealand. This brings the number of UFI sales offices worldwide to 57, boasting a presence in 21 countries with 19 industrial sites, 3 Innovation Centres and over 4,000 employees.

UFI Filters sees this new market as a great opportunity for business development, particularly for heavy vehicles - a sector in which the company is investing a great deal, as it will be the predominant one in the coming years, with sales expected to triple by 2025. UFI Filters will be able to make a fundamental contribution to vehicles used in the mining sector, in a country like Australia, one of the world’s most resource-rich countries.

In addition, the cabin air filter market in Oceania offers good business opportunities for the company. With its state-of-the-art range, UFI Group is ready to meet the most challenging demands. The cabin air filters of the UFI Filters ARGENTIUM series, recently added to the Aftermarket catalogue, inhibit bacterial growth and can hold back PM2.5 and PM10 particulates. UFI Filters’ pollen and activated carbon filters offer the best protection inside vehicles, even in the dustiest areas of Australia where the soil is rich in crystalline silica.

The 5th continent will therefore benefit from UFI Filters' know-how as an Original Equipment manufacturer for brands such as the Volkswagen Group, Stellantis, General Motors, Ford, Nissan-Renault, Hyundai-Kia, BMW, Daimler AG, Mitsubishi Fuso, MAN, CNH Industrial, Volvo and Scania, to name but a few. Thanks to its pioneering range which includes complete filtration modules, thermal management systems, spare parts and filter media, UFI Group is chosen by 95% of the world's vehicle manufacturers for their conventionally powered, hybrid and electric models.

One of UFI Filters' primary assets is its filter media, developed in its own R&D centres and manufactured entirely in-house in the Group's plants, according to the exclusive FormulaUFI. In addition, some of the most advanced products for the racing sector are designed by the company's High-Tech Division, which develops extreme performance filtration solutions for the world's leading competitions. Indeed, 9 out of 10 Formula 1 racing teams have chosen UFI Filters technologies; around 10,000 components are supplied every year, including hydraulic, oil, fuel, last chance and air filters for the top racing teams.

Rinaldo Facchini, CEO of the UFI Filters Group, comments: “The presence of UFI Filters on the 5th continent is an important milestone for the company in the development of its worldwide business. Australia and neighbouring New Zealand are areas with great Aftermarket potential. Our Group can make a fundamental contribution with cutting-edge technologies for light vehicles and Heavy Duty, both for commercial and industrial applications such as agriculture, earthmoving and mining. This is just the first step of our journey to provide our technologies to other sectors in the near future.”

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