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Büdingen / 23.05.2024 / Exide

Exide Technologies erweitert die Produktpalette: Exide Marine and Leisure Equipment Li-Ion Batterien ab sofort mit Ruhemodus-Funktion erhältlich

Der Sleep-Modus verhindert die Tiefenentladung der Batterie bei längerer Inaktivität

Stezzano / 22.05.2024 / Brembo

Brembo wins the 2024 Red Dot Award for the GP4-MotoGP caliper

The ultimate brake caliper with MotoGP technology for road use was awarded with the highest distinction Red Dot: Best of the Best in the Red Dot Design Award 2024

Bergamo / 09.05.2024 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the first quarter of 2024

Brembo Q1 2024 revenues at €1,004.6 million (+4.4%)

Berlin/Georgsmarienhütte / 07.05.2024 / GMH Gruppe

Green Steel pioneer GMH Gruppe: Forerunner of climate-neutral steel production in Germany attends “Woche der Umwelt”

On 4 and 5 June, the Group will be presenting innovative ways of transforming the steel industry to the Office of the Federal President and the Federal Environmental Foundation

Nogarole Rocca / 07.05.2024 / UFI Filters

MULTITUBE, the revolution in engine air filtration, goes Aftermarket

Award-winning UFI MULTITUBE is now available in the UFI and SOFIMA Aftermarket catalogues for FIAT 500 Hybrid

Nogarole Rocca / 24.04.2024 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters debuts in the Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship with NWT Motorsport

This is an important step in strengthening UFI Filters image in the Heavy Duty sector

Stezzano / 23.04.2024 / Brembo

General Shareholders Meeting of Brembo

Approval of the Financial Statements and Allocation of Profit

Stezzano / 23.04.2024 / Brembo

Brembo achieves 75% renewable energy globally, CO2 emissions decline

Annual Sustainability Report: Brembo presents activities and results achieved in every ESG area – environmental, social, and governance

Georgsmarienhütte/Osnabrück / 22.04.2024 / GMH Gruppe

GMH Gruppe welcomes the introduction of the Low Emission Steel Standard (LESS) as a first step towards green lead markets

LESS enables the standardised classification of the climate impact of steel produced in Germany under various processes

Osnabrück/Georgsmarienhütte / 02.04.2024 / GMH Gruppe

GMH Gruppe will showcase Green Power Premium Steel at Wire and Tube

The carbon footprint of Green Power Premium Steel is approximately 80% lower than conventional material, including scopes 1,2 and 3

Stezzano / 27.03.2024 / Brembo

Brembo voted drivers' Best Brake Brand 2024

Readers of Europe’s top car magazine vote Brembo, the global leader in automotive braking systems, their favorite brake brand for the 11th time

Gennevilliers / 18.03.2024 / Exide

Exide Technologies: Elektrofahrzeug-Revolution nimmt an Fahrt auf und sorgt für ausgezeichnete Perspektive der 12-V-Batterie

70 Prozent der europäischen Automarken entscheiden sich für Exide: AGM- und EFB-Batterien sind ideale Stromquellen für xEVs

Nogarole Rocca / 07.03.2024 / UFI Filters

Paolo Cataldi appointed Aftermarket Business Unit General Manager of UFI Filters Group

UFI Filters continues to strengthen its structure with the appointment of Paolo Cataldi as the new General Manager of its Aftermarket Business Unit

Stezzano / 05.03.2024 / Brembo

Brembo 2023 financial results

FY 2023 revenues grew to €3,849.2 million, +6.1% compared to 2022; EBITDA at €665.8 million; net profit up 4.2% to €305 million

Georgsmarienhütte / 28.02.2024 / GMH Gruppe

GMH secures access to the wind power industry with its first inductive single-bar tempering plant

Through a double-digit million investment, subsidised by the federal government, GMH Gruppe is opening up new markets and making progress towards achieving climate neutrality

Nogarole Rocca / 27.02.2024 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters confirms leadership in filtration systems for Formula 1, supplying 9 out of 10 teams

Nine out of ten teams present in Formula 1 racing use UFI Filters filtration systems to guarantee reliability and safety for the single-seaters

Stezzano / 22.02.2024 / Brembo

Brembo expands global industrial presence and enters Thailand with a new production site

The investment of approximately 40 million euros consolidates Brembo’s role as a Solution Provider and enables the Group to seize new opportunities in Southeast Asia

Georgsmarienhütte / 12.02.2024 / GMH Gruppe

Simulation at GMH: Reducing CO2 emissions through process optimisation

Software and model-based simulation makes a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in GMH Gruppe's steel production

Stezzano / 08.02.2024 / Brembo

Brembo recognized by CDP for environmental sustainability

In 2023, Brembo continued to stand out as one of the leading companies in addressing climate change and water security

Nogarole Rocca / 31.01.2024 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters provides thermal management systems for transmissions on Audi and Porsche’s Premium Platform Electric

Heat exchanger for Porsche Macan EV, Audi Q6 e-tron, A6 e-tron Avant and A6 e-tron Sportback on front and rear e-motor’s transmission

Nogarole Rocca / 18.01.2024 / UFI Filters

Stefano Gava appointed as new Chief Executive Officer of UFI Filters Group

UFI Filters has named Stefano Gava as its new group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), succeeding Rinaldo Facchini

Stezzano / 13.11.2023 / Brembo

Brembo launches world premiere of new Aftermarket pads strategy with XTRA brake pads at AAPEX and SEMA

Latest developments in braking technology increase performance and greener content, while new visual identity for pad range helps identification

Hanover / 12.11.2023 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters Aftermarket and UFI Filters Hydraulics together at the Hanover Agritechnica 2023

The UFI Filters Group will be present at Agritechnica Hanover for the first time with its Aftermarket division and with UFI Filters Hydraulics, as it presents its latest farming technologies

Stezzano / 07.11.2023 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the third quarter of 2023

Brembo revenues grew to €2,919 million for 9m 2023, +7% compared to 2022

Stezzano / 07.11.2023 / Brembo

Brembo 16RCS corsa corta RR

New clutch master cylinder in the RCS corsa corta RR family

Stezzano / 07.11.2023 / Brembo

Brembo unveils HYPURE: The game-changing caliper for the world of two-wheelers

The new component invites riders to elevate their experience, ensuring enhanced braking performance and pushing the limits with confidence

Stezzano / 07.11.2023 / Brembo

Brembo unveils the GP4-MotoGP caliper: The closest to champions

The ultimate brake caliper with MotoGP technology for road use

Stezzano / 07.11.2023 / Brembo

Brembo unveils SSV: All-new side by side brake caliper and disc at EICMA 2023

The SSV caliper greatly increases braking performance over the factory brake system providing driver confidence and easy maintenance

Hagen / 06.11.2023 / GMH Gruppe

New forging hammer combines state-of-the-art technology with higher impact force

Schmiedag GmbH will invest around 7 million euros in its forging hammer plant as it seeks to improve its carbon footprint and make its production more reliable

Meitingen / 25.10.2023 / Brembo

Ceremonial laying of the foundation stone at Brembo SGL Carbon Ceramic Brakes (BSCCB) at the SGL Carbon site in Meitingen

Significant expansion of BSCCB production capacities at the SGL Carbon site in Meitingen

Nogarole Rocca / 24.10.2023 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters, SOFIMA Filter join ‘TecDoc Premier Data Supplier’ category

This prestigious certification is awarded to suppliers who meet TecDoc's highest quality standards for product data

Brussels / 19.10.2023 / Brembo

Brembo awarded by Clepa as a “Top Innovator” in the “Green Category” with the Brembo Beyond Greenance Kit

The future oriented brake kit offers a greener solution for light commercial vehicles

Gennevilliers / 12.10.2023 / Exide

Exide’s Marine and Leisure Battery Range Receives DNV Recertification

Exide's Marine & Leisure Gel and AGM batteries receive renewed DNV type approval certification, reaffirming their safety and reliability for vessel installation.

Georgsmarienhütte / 11.10.2023 / GMH Gruppe

Even more recycling: Georgsmarienhütte GmbH processes steelwork slag at its own slag yard in Spelle

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH has commissioned a new slag processing site of up to 4.6 hectares at the port in Spelle-Venhaus.

Stezzano / 09.10.2023 / Brembo

Brembo launches the Greenance kit: Low emissions and reduced total cost of ownership for light commercial vehicles

The future oriented brake kit offers a greener solution for light commercial vehicles by reducing particulate emissions by more than 80%, while lasting up to 3 times longer than an equivalent Aftermarket product

Stezzano / 05.10.2023 / Brembo

Brembo launches second Hackathon

Event helps finding new solutions outside traditional innovation processes in line with Brembo’s vision: “Turning Energy into Inspiration

Osnabrück/Oldenburg / 22.09.2023 / GMH Gruppe

Hydrogen joint venture in the Osnabrück region: Feasibility study completed

Georgsmarienhütte, KME Germany, KNI, Q1 Energie and EWE plan joint hydrogen projects

Nogarole Rocca / 21.09.2023 / UFI Filters

Blow-by technology by UFI Filters for the new Cursor 16 TST engines

Blow-by, designed by UFI Filters for the Cursor 16 TST, is a rotary and self-cleaning filter, offering a filtration capacity over 90%

Georgsmarienhütte / 12.09.2023 / GMH Gruppe

Grüner Strom für grünen Stahl: Neue Photovoltaikanlage auf Hallendach der Georgsmarienhütte GmbH installiert

3.660 Quadratmeter Solarpaneele hat die Georgsmarienhütte GmbH auf einer Werkshalle installiert

Meitingen / Stezzano / 12.09.2023 / Brembo

Joint venture Brembo SGL Carbon Ceramic Brakes (BSCCB) to expand production capacity in Germany and Italy

BSCCB will invest around €150 million until 2027 to expand by more than 70% production capacities at the sites in Meitingen (Germany) and Stezzano (Italy).

Oldenburg/Georgsmarienhütte / 24.08.2023 / GMH Gruppe

Green Steel from Georgsmarienhütte

Steel manufacturer Georgsmarienhütte and energy service provider EWE announce hydrogen cooperation

Wildau / 18.08.2023 / GMH Gruppe

Investment in the future: WSK forges ahead with lower emissions and higher efficiency

WSK is investing a total of around 2.5 million euros in two new heating furnaces and a modern charging system

Osnabrück/Georgsmarienhütte / 08.08.2023 / GMH Gruppe

GMH supplies more than 1000 steel variants with precise PCF calculation methodology validated by TÜV SÜD

The algorithm used to calculate the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), which GMH has adapted to its own requirements, takes into account in great detail all CO2 emissions from the raw materials used to the provision of the product at the GMH factory gate in accordance with the system boundaries

Nogarole Rocca / 31.07.2023 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters provides technology for Lamborghini Revuelto, the automaker’s first plug-in hybrid

Latest-generation oil module for the new Lamborghini V12 engine

Stezzano / 27.07.2023 / Brembo

Brembo: Sharp growth in H1 2023

Brembo revenues at €1,949.9 million, +11.6% vs H1 2022

Stezzano / 25.07.2023 / Brembo

Brembo’s prime brake pads for commercial vehicles are ready to go to market

Brembo lanza una gama completa de pastillas de freno para vehículos comerciales que incluye la tecnología premium ProTecS® procedente del mundo del primer equipo

Stezzano / 10.07.2023 / Brembo

New ‘Car fitting’ section added to Bremboparts website

A new section on the Bremboparts website provides a wealth of information on the differing maintenance needs of Brembo’s wide range of brake products

Duisburg/Georgsmarienhütte / 22.06.2023 / GMH Gruppe

Klöckner and Co expands its cooperation with GMH Gruppe and purchases high-grade CO2-reduced quality steel

Cooperation helps customers establish sustainable value chains and achieve climate targets

Nogarole Rocca / 21.06.2023 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters on fuel cell cars: Company chosen as a supplier for first Chinese hydrogen vehicle

The company has been chosen to supply the cathode air filter module for the Changan Deep Blue SL03

Stezzano / 19.06.2023 / Brembo

Brembo wins the 2023 Red Dot Award for the 19RCS CORSA CORTA RR

The 2022 evolution of the iconic radial master cylinder has been awarded the prestigious distinction in the Product Design category

Alcester / 13.06.2023 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters business keeps growing in the UK Aftermarket

UFI Filters UK led by Karl Ridings, Sales Director & General Manager UK & Ireland – Aftermarket, has quadrupled its results in six years, since the opening of the branch for the English and Irish markets

Büdingen / 13.06.2023 / Exide

Exide plant in Spain honoured by Jaguar Land Rover

Exide has been awarded with the prestigious JLRQ honour for sustained quality performance

Stezzano / 06.06.2023 / Brembo

Brembo appointed braking technology provider to the 24 Hours of Le Mans

For the first time, Brembo is an official partner of the iconic World Endurance Championship (WEC) and will equip 44 of the 62 cars on the starting grid

Stezzano / 23.05.2023 / Brembo

Brembo launches Brembo Solutions, providing digital innovation for business clients

Brembo Solutions’ unconventional offer is based on AI•Doing, which combines Brembo’s experience in artificial intelligence and its application within industry

Büdingen / 22.05.2023 / Exide

Exide launches specific chargers for its Marine and Leisure equipment Li-Ion battery range

Three new chargers specifically designed for the Exide Marine & Leisure equipment Li-Ion battery range

Nogarole Rocca / 16.05.2023 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters enters a new partnership with NIO

New e-axle cooler for the Chinese smart electric vehicles manufacturer

Osnabrück/Georgsmarienhütte / 16.05.2023 / GMH Gruppe

Setting sights on future markets: Georgsmarienhütte invests over 20 million euros in climate-neutral production facilities

The double-digit million euro investment will enable GMH to tap into new markets as well as further reduce the carbon footprint of its products

Stezzano / 09.05.2023 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the first quarter of 2023

Brembo revenues up 12.2% to €961.9 million

Bous / 02.05.2023 / GMH Gruppe

Ministerpräsidentin Anke Rehlinger besucht Stahlwerk Bous

Weichenstellung für grünen Stahl mit grüner Energie

Stezzano / 20.04.2023 / Brembo

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo approved the 2022 Financial Statements and the distribution of a gross dividend of €0.28 per share

Nogarole Rocca / 30.03.2023 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters further strengthens its cabin filter range

The UFI Filters catalogue now offers over 700 references of cabin filters covering over 19,000 applications

Osnabrück/Georgsmarienhütte / 28.03.2023 / GMH Gruppe

In herausforderndem Marktumfeld behauptet

GMH Gruppe blickt positiv auf das Jahr 2022 zurück – Wechsel in der Geschäftsführung

Osnabrück/Georgsmarienhütte / 16.03.2023 / GMH Gruppe

Circular economy in perfection

Georgsmarienhütte GmbH and Volkswagen Osnabrück intensify their activities to completely reuse raw materials

Stezzano / 02.03.2023 / Brembo

Brembo 2022 financial results

Record 2022 revenues at €3,629 million, up 30.7% compared to the previous year

Nogarole Rocca / 07.02.2023 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters presents multifunctional filtration module for FPT F28

The Italian group FPT Industrial has chosen UFI diesel filter technology for its latest generation FPT F28 Stage V engine

Stezzano / 03.01.2023 / Brembo

Brembo’s SENSIFY™ wins a gold medal of the forward-looking category in the 7th Lingxuan Awards

The pioneering intelligent braking system has got a Gold Award of the chassis forward-looking category for its extraordinary strength

Stezzano / 13.12.2022 / Brembo

Brembo recognized with double ‘A’ score for transparency on climate change and water security

This year is the fifth consecutive time that Brembo receives CDP’s double ‘A’ recognition

Büdingen / 06.12.2022 / Exide

Exide Technologies reorganizes European sales territories to meet evolving market needs

Sales & distribution structure reorganized to meet customers’ distribution footprint

Nogarole Rocca / 01.12.2022 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters heat exchangers equipped as OE for Renault and Nissan electric motors

Heat exchangers for the Renault Megane E-Tech, Nissan Ariya and Ariya e-4ORCE 4WD

Nogarole Rocca / 22.11.2022 / UFI Filters

Cutting-edge oil filtration by UFI Filters to one of the most popular truck engines

The main innovation offered by the UFI Filters module to the Heavy Duty Engine Platform OM471, is the integration of several features

Stezzano / 09.11.2022 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the third quarter of 2022

Sharp revenue growth to €2,728.2 million for 9m 2022, +33.6% compared to 2021

Stezzano / 08.11.2022 / Brembo

Brembo introduces its new Greenance brake pads: maximum performance while respecting the environment

Brembo presents – for the first time at EICMA – its brake pads designed to combine maximum braking performance with a lower environmental impact

Stezzano / 08.11.2022 / Brembo

From track to road: The Brembo GP4-MS caliper returns – raising the bar of sport riding even higher

Directly derived from MotoGP and homologated for road use, this renewed Brembo solution is already an emblem of pure performance and absolute sportiness

Stezzano / 08.11.2022 / Brembo

New 19RCS CORSA CORTA RR – race replica radial master cylinder

Brembo rethinks the iconic radial master cylinder, now in pure racing style

/ 25.10.2022 / Berco

Berco transforming into a true global player on all levels

Global production footprint of the group to be further leveraged

/ 25.10.2022 / Berco

Data driving Berco into the future

Field data collection, archiving and analysis, supporting OEMs and Aftermarket dealers, and developing increasingly high-performance system solutions

Stezzano / 25.10.2022 / Brembo

Brembo unveils its new visual identity and logo reflecting the company’s evolution as a solution provider

The logo has been restyled with a simple and modern design which speaks to the digital-native generation and powers the brand experience

Stezzano / 19.10.2022 / Brembo

“Brembo Ventures” launched to invest in the best startups and accelerate innovation

Brembo also announces the acquisition of 6.8% of PhotonPath, which will create new solutions for the digitalization of braking systems

Stezzano / 11.10.2022 / Brembo

Brembo presents latest sustainable products at Equip Auto 2022

The brake specialist showcases its latest Aftermarket product line-up at Equip Auto 2022 and will be presenting numerous new product entries for the French Aftermarket

Nogarole Rocca / 06.10.2022 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters Group, through its subsidiary UFI Filters Hydraulics, acquires Friedrichs Filtersysteme GmbH

UFI Filters Hydraulics is gaining access to a new world with several additional markets, and extending its portfolio with new products and patents

Nogarole Rocca / 27.09.2022 / UFI Filters

UFI MULTITUBE equipped in new Maserati Spyder MC20 Cielo as original equipment

UFI MULTITUBE’s many advantages include improved flexibility, better fluid dynamics, lower weight and reduced emissions

Frankfurt / 13.09.2022 / Brembo

Brembo introduces ENESYS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM® in the aftermarket segment

The new solution for LCV provides excellent results in terms of the reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption

Stezzano / 13.09.2022 / Brembo

Brembo Beyond Greenance Kit Concept: always ahead in interpreting and anticipating future needs

The latest future-oriented solution lasts up to 3x as long and combines a lower environmental impact – a more than 80% emissions reduction in both PM10 and PM2.5 – with top braking performance

Stezzano / 13.09.2022 / Brembo

Brembo showcases its latest aftermarket product line-up at Automechanika Frankfurt 2022

The company covers a wide range of replacement braking solutions, divided into four different product clusters that meet all vehicle and consumer needs

Stezzano / 09.09.2022 / Brembo

The Art of Braking: An engaging exhibition about brakes

6 - 18 September, 2022 at MUDEC – Museo delle Culture di Milano

/ 06.09.2022 / Berco

Berco to launch new company fully dedicated to the Aftermarket

The new company will be exclusively dedicated to serving the Aftermarket worldwide and is 100 percent owned by Berco S.p.A.

Stezzano / 28.07.2022 / Brembo

Brembo: Extraordinary growth in H1 2022

Revenues at €1,746.5 million, +28.3% vs H1 2021

Stezzano / 26.07.2022 / Brembo

Brembo and Gold Phoenix join forces to create a leading friction technology player

The Joint Venture will establish the first large scale Brembo manufacturing facility fully dedicated to produce innovative aftermarket pads

Nogarole Rocca / 26.07.2022 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters’ Chief Operating Officer EMEA and Chief Operating Officer Americas set to swap roles

Onofrio Defina takes over from Stefano Gava as COO Americas, while the latter steps into Defina’s position as COO EMEA

Stezzano / 12.07.2022 / Berco

Beyond Undercarriage: Berco to release details of its transformation at Bauma 2022

Berco’s transformation is designed to satisfy the market demand to meet increasingly individual requirements

Stezzano / 07.07.2022 / Brembo

The Art of Braking: An engaging exhibition about brakes

Over 60 years of the famous brand's history narrated through design, innovation, and research in an exhibition where the control of energy and movement is transformed into an immersive experience of technology, light design, and video installations.

Büdingen / 30.06.2022 / Exide

Entdecken leicht gemacht – mit den neuen Marine and Leisure Li-Ionen-Versorgerbatterien von Exide

Sechs neue Lithium-Ionen-Batterien bereichern die Produktreihe „Exide Marine & Leisure Equipment Li-ion“

Stezzano / 27.06.2022 / Brembo

Brembo Hackathon: winners of the first edition announced

Winning the prize among projects of start-ups was DAAV, while Distributed WAVE came first among projects of the teams created by the union of the individual competitors who took part in the event

Stezzano / 25.05.2022 / Brembo

Brembo Xtra calipers: a splash of color into the wheels!

The new replacement proposal puts the emphasis on aesthetics without compromising high technical and quality content

Stezzano / 18.05.2022 / Brembo

Brembo launches its first hackathon

Brembo Hackathon is organized to rethink the world of mobility and find new solutions outside traditional innovation processes

Nogarole Rocca / 16.05.2022 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters establishes new Business Unit for Thermal Management Systems

The company is demonstrating a strong commitment to addressing the ongoing shift in the automotive industry towards vehicle electrification

/ 12.05.2022 / Berco

Berco Bopis Life platform – updated mobile and web applications

Bopis Life is a cloud-based platform allowing customers to monitor the rate of wear of each undercarriage component

Stezzano / 11.05.2022 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the first quarter of 2022

Brembo revenues at €857.6 million, up 27.0%

Nogarole Rocca / 09.05.2022 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters appoints new Aftermarket Sales Manager Eastern Europe

This appointment will enhance UFI Filters as it extends its business in Eastern Europe.

Stezzano / 21.04.2022 / Brembo

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo approved the 2021 Financial Statements and a gross dividend of €0.27 per share

Stezzano / 21.04.2022 / Brembo

Brembo presents the ultimate replacement calipers for LCV

Exceptional OE performance, durability and unparalleled quality: the latest Brembo solutions are designed to go even further

Stezzano / 21.04.2022 / Brembo

Back on truck: Brembo Aftermarket expands its heavy-duty product offerings

A full range of brake pads and an extensive range of brake discs are Brembo’s latest replacement solutions dedicated to commercial vehicles

Stezzano / 21.04.2022 / Brembo

The new Brembo Beyond EV Kit - awarded at the Innovation Gallery of Motortec in the category “Mechanical components”

Resistance to corrosion, less noise and durability differentiate the new range of the Aftermarket discs and pads dedicated to full electric cars

Büdingen / 06.04.2022 / Exide

Starke Batterien für dicke Brummis: Exide ergänzt die Produktfamilie seiner Endurance+PRO GEL-Batterien

ED851T und ED2103T schaffen neue Anwendungsgebiete der GEL-Technologie im Ersatzteilmarkt im Segment großer Nutzfahrzeuge

Nogarole Rocca / 04.04.2022 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters chosen for the filtration and thermal management systems for SAME Deutz-Fahr’s FARMotion engines

Diesel filter and pre-filter from the UFI Green Farm series reduces environmental impact

Stezzano / 04.03.2022 / Brembo

The wait is over: Gran Turismo™ 7 is now available, with Brembo as the exclusive partner for braking systems

Brembo is making its UPGRADE systems available to players, including Carbon Ceramic discs and GT|BM calipers in 8 different colors

Stezzano / 03.03.2022 / Brembo

Brembo 2021 Financial Results

Brembo 2021 revenues at €2,777.6 million, up 25.8%

/ 02.03.2022 / Berco

Berco: New Service Line for construction bulldozers

Berco announced the launch of its new Aftermarket Service Line range especially for bulldozers in the construction sector with engine power between 60 kW and 200 kW

Stezzano / 24.02.2022 / Brembo

Lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and better handling with two new Lightweight and Dual Cast disc ranges

An additional Original Equipment-quality offering, that completes Brembo’s exclusive Aftermarket two-piece brake disc portfolio

Nogarole Rocca / 27.01.2022 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters strengthens its anti-counterfeiting measures

Monitoring activities carried out by CONVEY and UFI Filters to date have resulted in the interception of more than 2.5 million illegal parts transactions on the major marketplaces

Nogarole Rocca, Shanghai / 11.01.2022 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters Group and JiaXing XiuZhou high-technology Industrial Park Administrative Committee sign agreement for New Plant Investment in Zhejiang Province in China

Investment value of 25 million Euro and factory set to start production in 2023

Stezzano / 17.12.2021 / Brembo

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo approved the new corporate governance structure:

In its subsequent meeting, the Board of Directors approved the new Corporate Governance Code and the Brembo Shareholders’ Engagement Policy

Stezzano / 14.12.2021 / Brembo

Brembo confirms status as leader in the main motorsport competitions

The competition record of the company is enriched with over 62 world titles won in 2021, a success spanning more than 45 years at the highest levels of Motorsport

Stezzano / 07.12.2021 / Brembo

Brembo recognized with prestigious double ‘A’ score for global climate and water stewardship

Brembo has been recognized for leadership in corporate sustainability by global environmental non-profit CDP

Stezzano / 23.11.2021 / Brembo

Brembo @ EICMA 2021

Lots of news presented this year at Milan Exhibition

Stezzano / 23.11.2021 / Brembo

New Brembo braking system for Sportster S

Cutting-edge components for the new generation of Harley-Davidson Sporsters

Stezzano / 23.11.2021 / Brembo

New GP4-MINI caliper

Brembo presents at EICMA a prototype dedicated to the riders of the future

Stezzano / 23.11.2021 / Brembo

Brembo introduces new Brembo UPGRADE program

The exclusive world of Brembo made of performance, style and passion for enthusiasts

/ 18.11.2021 / Berco

Embracing the Digital Transformation: Berco launches innovative e-commerce platform for Aftermarket products

Fast and user-friendly digital tool for order management for Berco's customers in America, Europe and Asia

Stezzano / 16.11.2021 / Brembo

The Board of Directors of Brembo S.p.A. submits new corporate governance structure to the General Shareholders’ Meeting

The Board of Directors of Brembo S.p.A. met today and resolved to convene the General Shareholders’ Meeting for 17 December 2021

Stezzano / 11.11.2021 / Brembo

Brembo plants a forest of 14.000 trees

The initiative, in partnership with Treedom, involves all Group employees in celebration of Brembo's 60th anniversary.

Stezzano / 09.11.2021 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the third quarter of 2021

Revenues for the first nine months of 2021 at €2,041.8 million (+30.9)

Nogarole Rocca / 28.10.2021 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters’ MULTITUBE to be delivered to premium car manufacturer

The revolutionary engine air filtration technology is to equip the new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class with a double air intake system

Stezzano / 25.10.2021 / Brembo

Brembo unveils SENSIFY™

The new pioneering intelligent braking system from Brembo integrates artificial intelligence to offer a unique driving experience

Büdingen / 14.10.2021 / Exide

Exide ergänzt Sortiment rekuperationsfähiger EFB-Batterien um EL754

Die EL754-Batterie vervollständigt das Angebot für mehr als drei Millionen Fahrzeuge vornehmlich asiatischer Hersteller im europäischen Fuhrpark.

Stezzano / 07.10.2021 / Brembo

Brembo to become official partner in braking systems of Gran Turismo™ 7 for Playstation® consoles

Video gaming expands the company’s capability as a trusted solutions provider, offering its high-performance braking systems to enhance the driving experience in Gran Turismo™ 7

Nogarole Rocca / 06.10.2021 / UFI Filters

New Sales Manager Aftermarket Heavy Duty for UFI Filters in France and Benelux

UFI Filters reinforces its sales team in France and the Benelux countries with the appointment of Hubert Aubry, a new manager dedicated to the Heavy Duty Aftermarket.

/ 30.09.2021 / Berco

Lower consumption, higher efficiency, new waste management: Berco to reduce the environmental impact at its Italian Copparo plant

Various activities are expected to lead to an annual reduction of about three million kW/h of electricity upon completion

Stezzano / 29.09.2021 / Brembo

‘Restyling’ of Brembo Xtra brake pad range unveiled

New look Brembo Xtra brake pads aim to highlight the uniqueness of the product range.

Büdingen / 23.09.2021 / Exide

Die richtige Autobatterie ist nur der halbe Weg: Exide stellt neue Funktionen seines Battery Finder-Tools vor

Der erweiterte Exide Battery Finder ist kostenlos im Web oder als herunterladbare App auf mobilen Geräten verfügbar

Nogarole Rocca / 22.09.2021 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters debuts on electric heavy vehicles with cooling module for e-axle of zero emission series-production truck

The module was developed together with the German vehicle maker Daimler Truck AG

Lumezzane / 25.08.2021 / Saleri

Saleri announces the acquisition of Ruville trademark rights and C.D.C. S.r.l. company

With these strategic acquisitions, the Saleri Group relaunches itself into the Aftermarket business

Stezzano / 29.07.2021 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the first half of 2021

Brembo H1 2021 revenues at €1,360.8 million, up 43.1%

/ 22.07.2021 / Berco

Berco extends mining range for plus 200-ton excavators with first-to-market undercarriage components

Complete undercarriage Aftermarket range for Cat 6020B Hydraulic Mining Shovel now available

Stezzano / 19.07.2021 / Brembo

Brembo opens the first center of excellence in Silicon Valley

The “Brembo Inspiration Lab” will focus on software development, data science and artificial intelligence

Redditch / 07.07.2021 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters widens its presence in the UK and Ireland launching the Heavy Duty range

UFI Filters launches the Heavy Duty range for the UK and Ireland Aftermarket. This is a great boost for the business.

Nogarole Rocca / 30.06.2021 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters joins the Autodistribution International (ADI) network

The partnership with ADI is an important step for UFI Filters to grow market share and turnover across both the UFI and SOFIMA brands in Europe and beyond

Büdingen / 24.06.2021 / Exide

Exide ‚Battery Finder‘ in neuem Design mit erweiterten Funktionen

Der kostenfreie ‚Battery Finder‘ ist im Web oder als herunterladbare App verfügbar, und erfreut sich mit 2 Millionen Suchanfragen pro Jahr

/ 22.06.2021 / Berco

Berco to launch state-of-the-art Research and Development facility

The company’s commitment to innovation is demonstrated by its investing of €1 million into this facility

Lumezzane / 21.06.2021 / Saleri

Saleri startet mit neuem Schulungsformat für den Aftermarket

Saleri bietet seinen Kunden im Ersatzteilmarkt ein neues Schulungsformat zur Vermittlung spezifischer technischer Inhalte an

Lumezzane / 27.05.2021 / Saleri

Saleri auf globalem Wachstumskurs in Produktionsstandorten und Erstausrüstung

Saleri erweitert seine globale Präsenz mit der Eröffnung eines neuen Werks in Mexiko und den jüngsten Nominierungen als OE-Lieferant für verschiedene neue Motorplattformen.

Nogarole Rocca / 20.05.2021 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters opens its new premises in Australia to expand the global Aftermarket business in the 5th continent

Development of the Aftermarket business in Oceania, with a special focus on Heavy Duty and cabin air filtration

Stezzano / 10.05.2021 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the first quarter of 2021

Record Q1 revenues, up 17.2% to €675.1 million

Stezzano / 05.05.2021 / Brembo

Brembo “New G Sessanta”: The new brake caliper concept set to shape the future of mobility

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, the company has pioneered a solution for new generations, which uses light to take color up to a whole new level

Büdingen / 04.05.2021 / Exide

Exide Premium-Batterien in nachhaltigem Design

Weiterentwicklung der Exide Premium- und Deta Senator3-Batterien, um Umwelteinflüsse zu reduzieren

/ 04.05.2021 / Berco

Berco’s high quality once again confirmed by the supply of idlers to a global machinery manufacturer

The Italian company is to deliver its idler and track adjuster system to the Indian plant of one of most important players in the construction market for their 20 tons excavators

Nogarole Rocca / 29.04.2021 / UFI Filters

FormulaUFI, the brand that embodies the secrets of UFI Filters filtration

FormulaUFI is the brand name that encompasses all the company’s filtration expertise and the name given to the filter materials that have been selected and developed in the UFI Innovation Centres worldwide

Stezzano / 28.04.2021 / Brembo

Brembo announces the acquisition of J.Juan

With this transaction, the Group expands its brand family and completes the range of solutions for motorbike braking systems

Stezzano / 22.04.2021 / Brembo

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo 2021

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo approved, inter alia, the 2020 Financial Statements and a gross dividend of €0.22 per share

Büdingen / 30.03.2021 / Exide

Exide Technologies gibt Tipps und Empfehlungen für den Start in die Motorradsaison 2021

Das Exide Sortiment enthält die richtige Batterie für die beste Leistung nach längeren Standzeiten

/ 25.03.2021 / Berco

Berco sets its sights on boosting its Aftermarket business

A global leader in the manufacturing and supply of undercarriages and components to the world’s main heavy machinery OEMs, sets its sights on strengthening its Aftermarket business

Stezzano / 13.03.2021 / Brembo

Brembo introduces new Brembo Sport | T3 brake disc

Featuring the new Type3 slotting and Brembo logo engraved on the disc

Stezzano / 13.03.2021 / Brembo

Brembo Check: A new Brembo app that certifies upgrade products are original

A new tool for recognizing counterfeit products

Stezzano / 13.03.2021 / Brembo

Brembo introduces new family of FF calipers

Over 40 years’ experience in Motorsports transferred to new products for track use

Stezzano / 12.03.2021 / Brembo

Brembo introduces new Brembo Upgrade Program

The exclusive world of Brembo made of performance, style and passion for enthusiasts

Nogarole Rocca / 10.03.2021 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters supplies complete range for Kamaz and Liebherr six-cylinder engine

UFI Filters supplies the complete range of filters for the KAMAZ R6 and Liebherr D956 diesel engine

Lumezzane / 08.03.2021 / Saleri

Saleri ernennt ersten regional ansässigen Area Manager für DACH-Region

Saleri, der italienische Entwickler und Hersteller von Kühlsystemlösungen, ernennt seinen ersten deutschen Area Manager für die DACH-Region.

Stezzano / 04.03.2021 / Brembo

Brembo Q4 2020 Results

Revenues at €648.7 million, up 4.5%

Nogarole Rocca / 11.02.2021 / UFI Filters

New Heavy Duty on-road catalogues for the UFI and SOFIMA brands

First edition of the UFI and SOFIMA 2020/2021 paper catalogues dedicated exclusively to Heavy Duty on-road vehicles

Stezzano / 02.02.2021 / Brembo

The all new Cadillac CT4-V/CT5-V Blackwing will brake with Brembo

As a first for Cadillac, the CT5-V Blackwing gets a full Brembo Carbon-Ceramic Brake option

Nogarole Rocca / 26.01.2021 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters exclusive supplier to Volkswagen Group for its popular EA288 EVO diesel engines

100% supply of diesel filters for 1.6 and 2.0 litres EA288 EVO engines on MQB platforms

Nogarole Rocca / 22.12.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters invests in sustainable mobility by acquiring a stake in the innovative start-up BeonD

UFI Filters acquires 24.9% of BeonD, a start-up and spin-off of the Turin Polytechnic

Stezzano / 08.12.2020 / Brembo

Brembo recognized with prestigious double ‘A’ score for global climate and water stewardship

Brembo has been recognized for leadership in corporate sustainability by global environmental non-profit CDP

Stezzano / 18.11.2020 / Brembo

Brembo and SBS Friction work together to develop new, increasingly sustainable products

Replacement of the entire range of Aftermarket pads by 2024

Stezzano / 18.11.2020 / Brembo

Brembo announces the acquisition of SBS Friction

The transaction will allow the Group to integrate brake pads in its two-wheeler product portfolio, strengthening its leadership in this strategic sector

Nogarole Rocca / 11.11.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters appoints new Sales and Marketing Aftermarket EMEA Director

Onofrio Defina has been appointed as head of the European, Middle Eastern and African Aftermarket.

Stezzano / 09.11.2020 / Brembo

Brembo financial results on 30 September 2020

Brembo: Q3 margins in line with the previous year despites the complex context. Net profit €51.7 million.

Nogarole Rocca / 28.10.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI MULTITUBE, the revolution in engine air filtration for the Maserati MC20 supercar

The revolutionary engine air filtration technology has been selected as Original Equipment for the latest Maserati supercar.

Büdingen / 22.10.2020 / Exide

Exide führt erste online App für Werkstätten ein, die Batterien in 5 Minuten testet

Die Batterietest-App ermöglicht Werkstätten, Testergebnisse zu analysieren und sofort Optionen für den Batteriewechsel anzubieten.

Büdingen / 13.10.2020 / Exide

Exide erweitert mit GEL-Batterie ED2103 sein LKW Portfolio für Stadtbusse

Die Endurance+PRO GEL-ED2103 ist die Optimierung der GEL-Technologie von Exide speziell für Nutzfahrzeuge mit zyklenbelastenden Einsätzen.

Stezzano / 05.10.2020 / Brembo

Brembo innovation just keeps going

The first ever Brembo Days - dedicated to spare parts professionals and fans - are set to take place from 6th until 9th October

Stezzano / 16.09.2020 / Brembo

Brembo introduces Enesys, Energy Saving System®

The new, innovative solution improves vehicle performance and contributes to reducing emissions.

Stezzano / 16.09.2020 / Brembo

Brembo’s new Greentive® brake disc

A technological solution that reduces the brake dust emissions, thanks to an innovative coating

Stezzano / 16.09.2020 / Brembo

Brembo begins its new journey to become a Solution Provider

Brembo is going to become a Solution Provider through smart, more sustainable and digital products and services

Stezzano / 09.09.2020 / Brembo

Brembo wins the 2020 Compasso d’Oro Award

Brembo has won the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award for its Formula E brake caliper.

Büdingen / 03.08.2020 / Exide

Exide verstärkt sein EFB-Batteriesortiment für den Nutzfahrzeugbereich

Die weiterentwickelten EFB-Nassbatterien für LKW zeichnen sich vor allem durch ein neues Leistungsniveau aus.

Stezzano / 29.07.2020 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the first half of 2020

Revenues for the first half of 2020 at €951.1 million

Büdingen / 27.07.2020 / Exide

Exide ergänzt Sortiment rekuperationsfähiger EFB-Batterien um EL1000

Wie sämtliche DIN-Typen der EFB-Baureihe ist auch die EL1000 mit der neuesten Generation der Carbon Boost 2.0-Technologie ausgestattet.

Nogarole Rocca / 23.07.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters oil module for BMW second generation 6-cylinder engines

UFI Filters is once again confirmed as a trusted partner of BMW

Lumezzane / 22.07.2020 / Saleri

Saleri aktiviert Eilaufträge und Bestandsübersichten über TecCom

Der Entwickler und Hersteller von Kühlsystemlösungen stellt seinen Kunden eine Plattform zur Bestelloptimierung zur Verfügung.

Nogarole Rocca / 01.07.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters sponsors online star Archie Hamilton in the Porsche Sprint Challenge GB

The company announces social media influencer Archie Hamilton as a new company brand ambassador.

Stezzano / 24.06.2020 / Brembo

Refined Brembo performance for Polestar brake system

Brembo and Polestar collaborate on an all-new aluminum brake caliper specifically designed for the Polestar 2

Nogarole Rocca / 23.06.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters expands production: specific areas of industrial sites dedicated to the manufacture of filter material for masks

The production of the latest-generation materials will be used for the manufacture of masks and personal protective equipment.

Stezzano / 22.05.2020 / Brembo

Brembo advices: How to avoid brake stiction

Corrosion on brake discs can cause multiple problems – Brembo advices how to deal with them

Stezzano / 11.05.2020 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the first quarter of 2020

Brembo revenues to €575.9 million, net profit at €29.8 million

Stezzano / 27.04.2020 / Brembo

Brembo resumes some italian operations

The company gradually reopens its sites in Italy, resuming part of the production

Stezzano / 23.04.2020 / Brembo

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo

The General Shareholders' Meeting of Brembo approved the Financial Statements for the year 2019

Stezzano / 01.04.2020 / Brembo

Brembo acquires an interest in Pirelli

By adopting a long-term non-speculative approach, Brembo has autonomously decided to invest in Pirelli.

Nogarole Rocca / 31.03.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters blocks 2.5 million illegal transactions in collaboration with CONVEY

Almost 5 million euros of potential revenue from counterfeit goods intercepted, 6,125 illegal products identified in the last two years

Stezzano / 30.03.2020 / Brembo

Brembo donates 1 million euros to research in the fight against the coronavirus

The company is supporting the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, the Fondazione per la Ricerca Ospedale di Bergamo (FROM) foundation and the Mario Negri Institute, in their research.

Stezzano / 17.03.2020 / Brembo

Innovation, heritage and passion come togetherin the new DYATOM™ carbon ceramic disc

The most advanced carbon ceramic brake disc developed by Brembo SGL (BSCCB) takes the stopping power of the Ford GT MK II to the next level.

Nogarole Rocca / 10.03.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI and SOFIMA cabin air filters range boosted with 135 new product references

The range offered by the UFI Group has grown significantly over the past three years

Stezzano / 09.03.2020 / Brembo

Brembo 2019 Annual Report

Brembo revenues at €2,591.7 million, net investments amounted €247.3 million.

Nogarole Rocca / 27.02.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI MULTITUBE: the revolution in air filtration debuts on the FIAT 500 Hybrid Launch Edition

UFI MULTITUBE moves into the A-segment of city cars.

Redditch / 19.02.2020 / UFI Filters

UFI strengthens its Aftermarket development team for UK and Ireland

UFI Filters has appointed Chloe Turner as UFI Aftermarket UK & Ireland Business Development Manager.

Stezzano / 14.02.2020 / Brembo

Brembo receives the Daimler Supplier Award in sustainability

Brembo is the winner of the prestigious commendation with which the German group honours its key suppliers.

Stezzano / 03.02.2020 / Brembo

Brembo achieves place on ‘A List’ for corporate leadership in water security and for leading effort against climate change

Brembo is commended as a global leader in sustainable water and climate management.

Stezzano / 18.12.2019 / Brembo

Bremboparts: In 2019, the website dedicated to aftermarket professionals registered 1,000,000 visitors has become the reference for repairers including catalogues, technical content and support service.

Stezzano / 16.12.2019 / Brembo

The LIFE CRAL project, an innovative, low CO2 technology for production of components for cars and motorbikes

Brembo SpA has built a pilot plant which uses semi-solid metal alloy processing for the automotive industry.

Lumezzane, Italien / 03.12.2019 / Saleri

Saleri startet mit erweitertem Sortiment elektrischer Zusatzwasserpumpen in den Aftermarket

Saleri führt ein umfangreiches Sortiment elektrischer Zusatzwasserpumpen für den Ersatzteilmarkt ein.

Los Angeles / 18.11.2019 / Brembo

Brembo introduces Flexira™ the new technology for compact calipers

A new caliper concept is now available to manufacturers of high volume production cars

Stezzano / 07.11.2019 / Brembo

Brembo financial results at 30 September 2019

Brembo revenues at 30 September 2019 at €1,971 million

Milan / 05.11.2019 / Brembo

Brembo’s classic GP4-rr caliper returns completely updated

The GP4 caliper family has been completed with the arrival of the new Brembo GP4-rr, the ultra-high-performance monobloc racing caliper

Milan / 05.11.2019 / Brembo

Brembo 16RCS Corsa Corta

Brembo is expanding its RCS Corsa Corta range by introducing the new 16RCS CORSA CORTA: an innovative motorcycle clutch master cylinder featuring technical solutions already adopted in MotoGP

Milan / 05.11.2019 / Brembo

New PR19 radial brake master cylinder MY 20

On the occasion of EICMA 2019, Brembo has launched the new PR19 radial brake master cylinder, Model Year 2020

Stezzano / 05.11.2019 / Brembo

Brembo and Harley-Davidson

Brembo introduces a new braking system designed for Harley-Davidson flagship models

Milan / 05.11.2019 / Brembo

Brembo Stile

The initiative combines company's DNA for technological innovation with the design and style of new aesthetic languages, further developing the brand's identity

Milano / 05.11.2019 / Brembo

Stylema® R: the natural evolution of species

Brembo is expanding its range of brake calipers with Stylema® R, the latest innovation for the super sports bikes of tomorrow

Nogarole Rocca / 29.10.2019 / UFI Filters

New UFI Filters oil module for the Volkswagen Group’s mild hybrid engines

New oil module for EA 288 EVO mild hybrid 2.0 litre engines

Bahadurgarh, India / 18.10.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters Group opens its 18th industrial site worldwide: SOFIMA FILTERS INDIA PVT. LTD

The Group opens its 18th production site worldwide – the third in India – dedicated exclusively to the Aftermarket

Stezzano / 16.10.2019 / Brembo

New Brembo brake caliper repair kits

Brembo supplemented its Aftermarket product range with 300 new brake caliper repair kits.

Paris / 08.10.2019 / Brembo

Brembo on display at Equip Auto 2019

From 15 to 18 October, Brembo will be back at Equip Auto to present its product range and an all-new initiative

Nogarole Rocca / 16.09.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters and Dino Zamparelli mark a successful partnership in the final race of the British GT Championship

This season of the British GT Championship came to an end with the final race in Donington, which marked a very important debut for UFI Filter

Ingolstadt / 10.09.2019 / MT Technologies

MT Technologies has given shape to the AI:TRAIL quattro

The Ingolstadt-based model maker has been closely involved in the formation process of Audi's vision car, all the way from its virtual draft to the finished clay model

Stezzano / 10.09.2019 / Brembo

Dyadema™, a technological GEM

Brembo presents a brand-new product at IAA: Dyadema™, the exclusive new brake caliper for the highest-performance supercars

Stezzano / 29.07.2019 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the first half of 2019

Revenues for the first half of 2019 at €1,323.8 million

Berlin / 04.07.2019 / Brembo

Brembo receives Mercurio 2019 Award

This prestigious recognition was awarded for the development of Italian excellencies in Germany and throughout the world.

Chongqing / 07.06.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters Group inaugurates its 6th industrial site in China

The Group opens its 17th industrial site in the world - the 6th in China

Bologna / 27.05.2019 / UFI Filters

New UFI and Sofima Light Vehicles catalogues 2019/2020

UFI Filters is launching its new Light Vehicles catalogues 2019/2020 for both its brands, UFI and Sofima, at Autopromotec in Bologna

Stezzano / 23.05.2019 / Brembo

All the secrets behind Brembo’s Formula E brakes

Brembo is the unique supplier to all the 11 Teams in the Championship with bespoke calipers, carbon discs & pads

Nogarole Rocca / 22.05.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI ARGENTIUM filters - the revolution in cabin air filtration

UFI Filter presents at Autopromotec a material that marks the beginning of a new generation of cabin air filtration.

Gennevilliers / 22.05.2019 / Exide Technologies

Exide Unveils New Generation Carbon Boost 2.0 Technology to Empower EFB and Premium Batteries with Unique Benefits

The innovative technology uses improved carbon additives that combine an optimized surface structure with significantly better conductivity

Stezzano / 09.05.2019 / Brembo

Brembo results for the first quarter of 2019

Revenues grew by 1.4% to €667.1 million

Milano / 08.05.2019 / Brembo

“Brembo, Designing Emotions” at Fuorisalone 2019

“Brembo, Designing Emotions” is the project that seven artists contributed to completely free of any creative constraints, taking inspiration from the iconic Brembo brake caliper

Stezzano / 06.05.2019 / Brembo

Daniele Schillaci appointed Chief Executive Officer of Brembo

CEO Andrea Abbati Marescotti to leave the Company on June 30th 2019

Stezzano / 18.04.2019 / Brembo

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo

Brembo Financial Statements for the year 2018: revenues amounted to €2,640.0 million

Shanghai / 17.04.2019 / NIO

All New ET Preview Makes Debut at Auto Shanghai 2019

The ET Preview represents NIO’s exploration of an all new car body, whose sleek new contours combine elegant proportions with power and beauty through a minimalistic design

Shanghai / 15.04.2019 / NIO

NIO Power Swap Receives Distinction for High Design Quality in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019

Second Red Dot accolade in a row for NIO’s charging infrastructure confirms NIO’s “Driven by Design” philosophy

Gennevilliers / 05.04.2019 / Exide Technologies

Exide Sponsors Intact GP Racing Team for Moto2 Season 2019

The Intact GP team this year include Marcel Schrötter, the exciting young German rider, and Tom Lüthi, the experienced Swiss rider, who became one of the youngest world champions in history

Nogarole Rocca / 04.04.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI launches innovative oil filter for the new MAN D15 engine

UFI Filters has launched an original equipment oil module for the innovative engine used on many of the German manufacturer's heavy vehicles

Shanghai / 03.04.2019 / NIO

NIO Brings ES6 and NIO Power Solution to Auto Shanghai 2019

On display will be the EP9, one of the fastest electric cars in the world; the NIO EVE vision car; NIO’s high-performance electric flagship SUV, the ES8; and the high-performance, long-range, electric SUV, the ES6

Nanjing / 03.04.2019 / Brembo

Brembo inaugurates its new aluminium brake caliper production hub in Nanjing

The hub integrates a foundry with production lines in a facility next to the plant that was inaugurated in 2012 for the production of brake discs

Gennevilliers / 02.04.2019 / Exide Technologies

Exide Technologies attends Autopromotec 2019 with latest Carbon Boost batteries

Launch of latest Carbon Boost technology in Exide’s Aftermarket EFB and Premium battery ranges for cars, improving lifetime and performance

Stezzano / 25.03.2019 / Brembo

Brembo 19RCS CORSA CORTA receives distinction in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019

Radial master cylinder features a host of technical solutions drawn directly from the master cylinders used in MotoGP

Redditch / 20.03.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI boosts its Aftermarket team and warehouse in UK and Ireland

UFI Filters has appointed seasoned industry professional David Price as UFI Aftermarket UK and Ireland Sales Development Manager

Nogarole Rocca / 18.03.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters presents a revolution in cabin air filtration at Autopromotec

The company is set to attend Autopromotec to present a breakthrough product, that marks the birth of a new generation of cabin filtration solutions

Stezzano / 13.03.2019 / Brembo

Flexira™, Brembo’s patented technology for compact calipers selected in the category “mechanical components”

Flexira™, the new technology for compact fixed calipers has been selected in the category "Mechanical Components" in the Innovation Gallery of Motortec

Stezzano / 13.03.2019 / Brembo

Brembo’s co-cast brake disc received a special acknowledgement from the Innovation Gallery of Motortec

Brembo’s brake disc for the aftermarket is an innovative solution that combines both lightweight and resistance

Nogarole Rocca / 05.03.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters sponsors Dino Zamparelli in the British GT Championship

Zamparelli will make his British GT Championship debut in the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport, which will be emblazoned with the UFI Filters brand

Genf / 05.03.2019 / Brembo

Brembo auf dem Genfer Automobil-Salon

Auf dem Genfer Automobil-Salon hat Brembo die folgenden Neuigkeiten vorgestellt: Beyond Colour, Dual-Cast Brake Disc, Lightweight Brembo brake disc

Stezzano / 05.03.2019 / Brembo

Beyond Colour

Brembo continues to experiment with colour, playing with the latest trends in fashion, art, style and design.

Stezzano / 05.03.2019 / Brembo

Lightweight Brembo brake disc, now even bigger!

At the International Motor Show in Geneva, Brembo is presenting an extension of its lightweight brake disc range with the arrival of a version for high-performance vehicles

Stezzano / 05.03.2019 / Brembo

Dual-cast brake disc

Brembo introduces the second generation of the dual-cast floating brake disc made of two materials

Stezzano / 04.03.2019 / Brembo

Brembo annual report 2018

Brembo revenues in 2018 grew by 7.2% to €2,640 million

Stezzano / 27.02.2019 / Brembo

Lowbrasys, the clean technology for tomorrow’s brakes

This project was initiated in September 2015 and has achieved all the goals that had been set out to reduce by half the emissions that can be produced while braking

Stezzano / 22.01.2019 / Brembo

Brembo among elite group of companies to be scored ‘A’ for both climate change and water security

Brembo has been highlighted as a global leader in corporate sustainability by environmental impact non-profit CDP

Nogarole Rocca / 16.01.2019 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters joins ATR International AG

UFI Filters joins one of the most important networks operating worldwide in the Independent Automotive Aftermarket.

Munich / 10.01.2019 / NIO

NIO starts 2019 with new Director of Exterior Design

The design centre of the electric car manufacturer NIO, based in Munich, is starting 2019 with a change in management

Shanghai / 19.12.2018 / NIO

NIO ES6 Launches at Pre-subsidy Price Starting from 358,000 RMB with NEDC Range of 510 Kilometers

The NIO ES6 was officially launched on December 15, 2018 during the annual NIO Day celebration.

Shanghai / 15.12.2018 / NIO

NIO Officially Launches NIO ES6 at NIO Day 2018

NIO held the world premiere for the ES6 high-performance long-range electric SUV, with a starting price of 358,000 yuan

Opole / 14.12.2018 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters inaugurates its first Thermal Management Plant in Europe, doubling its production capacity for Heat Exchangers

High tech manufacturing plant in Opole (PL) doubles UFI’s heat exchanger capacity

Guangzhou / 19.11.2018 / NIO

18 Service Stations Along the G4 Expressway Now Provide Free Battery Swap Service to ES8 Owners

G4 Expressway battery swap network the first in NIO’s nation-wide deployment strategy

Berlin / 14.11.2018 / NIO

NIO Gründer William Li erhält deutschen Kulturpreis „Goldene Erbse“

NIO Gründer William Li erhält die Auszeichnung „Goldene Erbse“ für Engagement und Ethik des deutschen Zentrums für Märchenkultur

Nogarole Rocca / 12.11.2018 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters and Convey on the front line in the fight against counterfeit spare parts

Partnership with Convey, one of the key companies for Internet Intellectual Property Rights Intelligence & Protection

Stezzano / 07.11.2018 / Brembo

Brembo Q3 2018 Results

Revenues at €1,999.7 million, up 8.0%, net profit at +0.4% to €197.2 million. Net investments: €184.1 million

Shanghai / 07.11.2018 / NIO

NIO Inc. Reports Unaudited Third Quarter 2018 Financial Results

Quarterly Total Revenues reached RMB1,469.6 million (US$214.0 million). Quarterly Deliveries of the ES8 reached 3,268 vehicles

Stezzano / 06.11.2018 / Brembo

Brembo consolidates its involvement with the world’s most prestigious motorbikes

Brembo's attendance at the 2018 edition of the International Motorcycling Exhibition (EICMA) has been hallmarked by innovation

Stezzano / 06.11.2018 / Brembo

New Brembo GP4-MS caliper: MotoGP has never been so close

The first Brembo caliper - monobloc and machined from solid - is now also available for road use

Stezzano / 06.11.2018 / Brembo

Brembo presents the 17 and 15rcs Corsa Corta

The most innovative master cylinder ever developed by Brembo is now even more precise and modular for all types of motorbike

Stezzano / 06.11.2018 / Brembo

Brembo becomes a supplier of the MotoE Championship

Brembo strengthens its involvement in the Electric Motorsport championships

Stezzano / 05.11.2018 / Brembo

Brembo introduces new B-M6 caliper at SEMA 2018

Brembo is debuting its all-new B-M6 six-piston aluminum monobloc brake caliper at the 2018 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas.

Stezzano / 19.09.2018 / Brembo

Brembo’s electromechanical braking system offers more comfort, safety and features

Marking its participation in the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles show Brembo presents the Electric Parking Brake (EPB)

Stezzano / 19.09.2018 / Brembo

Brembo’s electromechanical actuator is the perfect parking brake for commercial vehicles up to 8 tonnes

rembo will be exhibiting the Electric Drum in Hat (EDIH) on its stand at the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles exhibition

Stezzano / 19.09.2018 / Brembo

Maximum personalisation and extra features with Brembo hydro-electromechanical brake calipers

Brembo is showing the public a range of ECS brake calipers in spheroidal graphite iron especially for the commercial vehicle market at the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles exhibition

Frankfurt / 12.09.2018 / UFI Filters

UFI MULTITUBE: revolutionising engine air filtration

This patented system stands out for its tubular structure, which replaces the traditional panel filter; ensuring increased filtration performance and greater engine power in a reduced space.

Stezzano / 11.09.2018 / Brembo

New Brembo co-cast disc

The new Aftermarket range of Brembo brake discs offers an innovative solution that is both lightweight and resistan.

Frankfurt / 11.09.2018 / Saleri

Saleri extends Aftermarket range of electric auxiliary water pumps

At Automechanika 2018, Saleri will present the aftermarket version of the 50W electric auxiliary water pump that was designed by the company for original equipment

Frankfurt / 11.09.2018 / Saleri

Saleri’s electromechanical water pump honoured as Automechanika Innovation Award “Finalist”

Saleri honoured as a “Finalist” in the OE products category of the Automechanika Innovation Awards for its latest technology, the electromechanical water pump (EMP)

Stezzano / 11.09.2018 / Brembo

New Brembo XTRA brake pads: At Automechanika Frankfurt Brembo unveils the X Factor

Perfect synthesis between sports performance, comfort and durability

Stezzano / 26.07.2018 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the first half of 2018

Revenues €1,339.7 million, EBITDA at €259.9 million, net profit at €140.1 million

Lumezzane / 23.07.2018 / Saleri

Saleri stellt neues Superkit für den Aftermarket vor

Saleri präsentiert sein neues Superkit, ein Wasserpumpen-Distributionskit für den Aftermarket

Nogarole Rocca / 18.07.2018 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters launches its new websites

UFI Filters is making its first, group-wide online appearance with a new corporate website. Further, UFI is reinforcing its presence with redesigned websites and aftermarket catalogues for its UFI and SOFIMA brands

Stezzano / 12.07.2018 / Brembo

Brembo celebrates Nissan and Italdesign with a special colour of caliper

At Goodwood, on the occasion of the presentation of the new Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign, Brembo has introduced a new red for its caliper for the first time, a colour exclusively created for this car

Lumezzane / 11.07.2018 / Saleri

Automechanika Frankfurt: Saleri präsentiert neue elektromechanische Wasserpumpe

Auf der 25. Automechanika wird Saleri seine elektromechanische Wasserpumpe (EMP) vorstellen, die das Unternehmen auch für den Automechanika Innovation Award 2018 eingereicht hat.

Berlin/Munich / 09.07.2018 / NIO

Bosch and NIO sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

The Bosch Group and NIO signed a strategic cooperation agreement focused on sensor technology, automated driving, electric motor controls, and intelligent transport systems.

Nogarole Rocca / 05.07.2018 / UFI Filters

At Automechanika Frankfurt, UFI Filters will present a revolutionary technology for filtering engine air

The innovative air module – designed and manufactured as original equipment for some of the most important automotive manufacturers – marks a milestone in filtration

Oxford/Munich / 18.06.2018 / NIO

NIO to participate in 2018 ‘Festival of Speed – The Silver Jubilee’ at Goodwood

NIO will be showcasing its Performance Programme vehicles for the first time in Europe during the ‘Festival of Speed - The Silver Jubilee’ event at Goodwood House, England, 12th - 15th July 2018.

London / 30.05.2018 / NIO

Miba Joins NIO Formula E Team for Inaugural Zurich E-Prix

Miba AG will join forces with the NIO Formula E Team for the forthcoming 2018 Zurich E-Prix all-electric racing event.

Stezzano / 14.05.2018 / Brembo

Brembo at the Mechanex Show 2018

Discover how the brake pads replacement process works, thanks to the Chrono Race, every day on Brembo stand

Stezzano / 08.05.2018 / Brembo

Brembo financial results for the first quarter of 2018

Revenues at €657.9 million, net profit at €68.2 million

Beijing / 25.04.2018 / NIO

NIO House Opens at Auto China 2018 - NIO Unveils Six-Seater ES8

The NIO House opened at Auto China 2018, giving attendees a first-hand look at how NIO is revolutionizing the user experience.

Nogarole Rocca / 23.04.2018 / UFI Filters

UFI Filters joins TEMOT International

Agreement with TEMOT marks the next step in UFI Group's internationalisation strategy

Stezzano / 20.04.2018 / Brembo

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo

The General Shareholders’ Meeting of Brembo approved the 2017 Financial Statements and the distribution of a gross dividend of €0.22 per share

Shanghai/Munich / 09.04.2018 / NIO

NIO Wins the 2018 Red Dot Design Award’s Top Accolade

Global electric vehicle company NIO has been awarded the 2018 Red Dot Design Award’s top accolade for its vehicle charging system NIO Power Home

Stezzano / 27.03.2018 / Brembo

Brembo for the first time at the New York International Auto Show

Brembo offers visitors the best of the braking systems, exposing its latest news at the 88th edition of the New York International Auto Show

New York / 27.03.2018 / Brembo

Brembo introduces a caliper with a revolutionary design at the New York Show

The minimized curves and bold design make this caliper unique among braking systems currently available

Stezzano / 08.03.2018 / Brembo

Brembo introduces Flexira™, the new technology for compact calipers

A new dedicated concept introduced by Brembo

Stezzano / 08.03.2018 / Brembo

Brembo to enter Formula E as sole supplier to Spark Racing Technology

Brembo SpA has been appointed by Spark Racing Technology, the exclusive supplier of chassis for the season 5, 6 and 7 of the FIA Formula E Championship, as the supplier of the whole braking system

Lumezzane / 06.03.2018 / Saleri

Engagement in Forschung und Entwicklung ist Saleris Fundament für die Zukunft

Als führender Entwickler und Hersteller von Premium Wasserpumpen und Kühlsystemlösungen für die Automobilindustrie hat Saleri früh erkannt, dass Wachstum nur durch verstärkte Investition in Innovation sowie Forschung und Entwicklung (F&E) erzielt werden kann.

Stezzano / 05.03.2018 / Brembo

Brembo 2017 Annual Report

Revenues grew by 8.1% to €2,463.6 million, net profit by 9.5% to €263.4 million, proposal to distribute an ordinary dividend of €0.22 per share

Shanghai/Munich / 02.03.2018 / NIO

NIO Was Issued First Shanghai Intelligent Connected Vehicle Test Permit

NIO has obtained the permit required for testing autonomous vehicles on public roads in Shanghai

Stezzano / 21.02.2018 / Brembo

Brembo B-QUIET, the lubricant for high efficiency brakes

The new product from Brembo delivers high load capacity and reliability over the long term

Nogarole Rocca / 20.02.2018 / UFI Filters

UFI bolsters its Aftermarket development team for UK and Ireland

UFI Filters has appointed a seasoned industry professional, Ian Jackson, as UFI Aftermarket UK & Ireland Business Development Manager

Stezzano / 13.02.2018 / Brembo

New Brembo "carbon factory" for racing is born at Curno

Today the foundation stone was laid for the new factory dedicated to the processing of carbon special materials that will compete on the tracks all over the world

Nogarole Rocca / 13.02.2018 / UFI Filters

UFI FILTERS to achieve the expected double digit growth with investment in new cabin air filter production lines

Cabin air filters contribute 15% of growth in forecast Aftermarket turnover in Europe