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UFI Filters chosen for the filtration and thermal management systems for SAME Deutz-Fahr’s FARMotion engines

UFI Filters
  • Diesel filter and pre-filter from the UFI Green Farm series reduces environmental impact
  • Easier and cleaner maintenance operations thanks to the patented coupling
  • Aluminium heat exchanger produced by means of a vacuum brazing process

UFI Filters Group, a leader in filtration and thermal management, confirms its position as sole diesel filtration supplier for SAME Deutz-Fahr, extending its long-term collaboration to cover thermal management products as well. The Italian group, one of the world's foremost manufacturers of agricultural machinery, has chosen UFI diesel filters and heat exchangers for its new FARMotion engines.

In particular, the products of the UFI Green Farm range, the GF100 pre-filter and filter, and the GF1000 pre-filter are mounted on applications with FARMotion engines. The new compact powertrains offer optimal integration with the agricultural machine, optimised consumption and noise values, boosted productivity and comfort levels.

Rinaldo Facchini, CEO of the UFI Filters Group, says: “We are truly proud to be one of the reference suppliers for the SAME Deutz-Fahr Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. This gives UFI Filters Group the opportunity to enhance its role with regards to original equipment on vehicles for the agricultural sector, providing reliability and a guarantee of the best engine protection for vehicles that are an essential work tool.”

The 3- and 4-cylinder FARMotion engines are available in EU Stage IIIB and EU Stage IV/US-EPA Tier 4 Final certified configurations, and now EU Stage V too. They’re fitted on a variety of SAME Deutz-Fahr applications such as the flagship Explorer model, equipped with a UFI GF100 filter and pre-filter, or Deutz-Fahr Series 6, Series 7 and Series 8 that apply the GF1000 pre-filter.

The primary filters (pre-filters) GF100 and GF1000 ensure the fundamental function of separating water from diesel, using filter media developed according to the exclusive FormulaUFI.H2O technology that guarantees maximum filtering efficiency on contaminants from 30 to 10 µm. The secondary filter is for fine filtration and is developed according to the FormulaUFI.CELL technology to ensure maximum filtering efficiency at 4 µm. Tested and validated in collaboration with SAME, they guarantee up to 1,000 hours of work.

The main advantages of the Green Farm filter range are its compact dimensions and the firm focus on reducing the environmental impact of worn components during the maintenance and disposal phases.

Compared with the previous spin-on filters, this complete model allows only the filtering element to be replaced, thus significantly reducing metal waste. Furthermore, the elements are made with infrared welding, without using any glue. The patented coupling ensures safer and cleaner maintenance for the operator, additionally avoiding diesel seepage.

The filtration system of the Green Farm range also has an error-proof design. In fact, it’s impossible to mount the filter element in place of the pre-filter or vice versa, thanks to a mechanical safety system.

SAME Deutz-Fahr has also chosen UFI Filters for the heat exchanger for KE and KF engine oil. The UFI Filters model has an exchange power of 11.5 kW, and stands out for its unusual production technology - a set of aluminium plates welded with a vacuum brazing process and water-cooled. This guarantees greater resistance not only to immediate high-pressure values (0-20 bar for 1 million cycles) but also over time and ensures better temperature management as well. The result is increased protection and a longer working life for the engine, with reduced consumption and emissions.

Its collaboration with SAME Deutz-Fahr is further proof of UFI's ability to supply complex, high-quality original equipment modules for a wide range of heavy vehicles, both on-road and off-road.

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