Stezzano / 21.04.2022

Back on truck: Brembo Aftermarket expands its heavy-duty product offerings

A full range of brake pads and an extensive range of brake discs are Brembo’s latest replacement solutions dedicated to commercial vehicles


Brembo, the world industry-leading innovator of brake technology, introduces its newborn Aftermarket line of brake pads dedicated to heavy-duty vehicles. The company has also completed its replacement discs offer with new Co-Cast solutions tailored to the needs of these vehicles. Key to the development of this upgraded portfolio has been Brembo’s technological know-how and deep experience as a renowned brake manufacturer in the top-quality Original Equipment market.

The braking system for commercial vehicles is subjected to repetitive thermo-mechanical stress, which the brake disc must withstand effectively. The new Brembo range of brake discs respond to this need, transferring many of the technical formulas developed and patented by the Group’s Research and Development Centre, with specific technologies and adaptations to match the characteristics of heavy-duty vehicles. These include the use of a special cast iron alloy for commercial vehicles, exclusive pillar venting technology and a co-casting process. All this leads to greater heat dissipation, superior resistance to thermal cracking and a remarkable increase in the life of both the brake discs and pads, even in extreme conditions.

Brembo’s engineers and technicians also worked on a full range of brake pads dedicated to commercial vehicles. Made from more than 30 different ingredients, brake pads have been developed and specifically designed for all types of heavy-duty vehicles – trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers – and their applications. Thanks to an exclusive treatment, all the brake pads guarantee the perfect braking efficiency, avoiding the fading effect and providing a reduction of braking distance during the running-in period.

Covering more than 95% of commercial vehicles in Europe, the new wide range of replacement parts includes 100 unique part numbers of new brake discs as well as 67 brake pads. Both of the latest introductions come with all of the tailored-made applications for a fast, complete and safe braking system replacement.

Brembo’s new pad and disc offerings with Co-Cast solutions are available on the EMEA market from May 2022 in a new dedicated packaging.

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