Stezzano / 11.11.2021

Brembo plants a forest of 14.000 trees

The initiative, in partnership with Treedom, involves all Group employees in celebration of Brembo's 60th anniversary. It will reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and support local farming communities


Brembo, a global leader in the development and production of brake systems, is marking the 60th anniversary of its foundation by planting a forest of more than 14,000 trees and donating them to Group employees around the world.

The Brembo Forest will rise in Kenya, near Lake Victoria, where Brembo will work in partnership with web platform Treedom – the first such system to allow trees to be planted remotely and their stories followed online.

“This forestry project sits with the objectives of COP26 in Glasgow and demonstrates that sustainable growth is possible through co-operation between different sectors of society,” says Cristina Bombassei, Brembo's Chief CSR Officer. "At Brembo we have a strong sustainability culture, which is reflected in our use of resources, recycling of materials, reduction of emissions, and in our strategy to develop greener products. The forest represents just one aspect of our wider global commitment, following the lead of the United Nations to engage not only governments and individuals, but also companies to play an active role in the battle against climate change."

In 2018, Brembo signed up to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Goals or SDGs. The Brembo Forest will contribute to the achievement of 10 of these, producing both environmental and social benefits.

It is estimated that the 14,000 trees will sequester more than 7,000 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere over 10 years, further supporting Brembo's goal of becoming a carbon neutral company by 2040.

Among the trees being planted are fruit and non-fruit species appropriate to the local environment and the needs of its population. The project will involve about 1,300 farmers who will take care of the forest, with the help of an NGO.

YouTube video: This is Brembo Forest

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