Stezzano / 23.05.2023

Brembo launches Brembo Solutions, providing digital innovation for business clients

Brembo Solutions’ unconventional offer is based on AI•Doing, which combines Brembo’s experience in artificial intelligence and its application within industry


Brembo has launched Brembo Solutions, a brand new unit of the Group, to provide clients with digital solutions derived from its direct experience in applying artificial intelligence to the world of industry.

Brembo Solutions’ offer of digital expertise extends beyond the automotive market to help foster the adoption of more agile and innovative processes across other manufacturing and industrial sectors. The new unit’s solutions are based on Brembo’s successful improvements to its own production processes – an approach the company calls AI•Doing. The term makes reference to Brembo’s experience in artificial intelligence (AI) and its practical application in the industrial field (Doing).

“Brembo Solutions represents another important element of our strategy, which sees us becoming a solution provider even beyond the automotive sector,” says Daniele Schillaci, Brembo CEO. “We are responding to a clear need in the market, making Brembo’s experience in digital innovation available to all companies that want to improve their efficiency and competitiveness. Our hands-on approach is what makes Brembo Solutions’ positioning unique.”

Brembo Solutions develops tailor-made solutions for companies in various sectors, from textiles to food, and from the iron and steel industry to large-scale distribution, among others. Its first customer is a noted company in the fashion industry.

Using its AI•Doing approach, Brembo is applying advanced AI applications to ensure products are of the highest quality, as well as helping increase production efficiency. It is also developing data models to enable more data-driven decision-making.

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