Stezzano / 08.03.2018

Brembo to enter Formula E as sole supplier to Spark Racing Technology


Brembo SpA is proud to announce that it has been appointed by Spark Racing Technology (SRT) - the exclusive supplier of chassis for the season 5 (2018-2019), 6 (2019-2020 and 7 (2020-2021) of the FIA Formula E Championship which has launched the new single-seater today at the Geneva Auto Show - as the supplier of the whole braking system, including rotors and carbon pads.

Alberto Bombassei, Chairman of Brembo, has commented: “I am particularly satisfied for this achievement because it represents the final crowning of Brembo’s strong and continued commitment, and in particular of the Racing and R&D teams, to the development and production of the system selected by SRT, which I personally thank for the trust granted to Brembo.

For a company that has always been focused on continuous innovation like Brembo, the Spark’s single seater for the FIA Formula E series represents an incomparable ‘mobile lab’ for the development of technology applied to the electric car, which is the real future - if not already present - challenge to the automotive sector. In such perspective we are also glad to sharing and supporting FIA’s vision and commitment to the sustainability of motorsports and road safety”.

Contact person

Martin Pohl

Senior Account Manager DACH / UK

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