Stezzano / 13.03.2019

Brembo’s co-cast brake disc received a special acknowledgement from the Innovation Gallery of Motortec

Brembo’s brake disc for the aftermarket is an innovative solution that combines both lightweight and resistance


Brembo’s co-cast brake disc has been specially acknowledged by the Innovation Gallery in the category of Maintenance Components. The disc has been added recently to the aftermarket range, and is made, to replace the composite discs which were introduced for the most current premium Mercedes applications, where Brembo is already the OE manufacturer, respecting the technical characteristics and performances, thanks to a highly innovative solution.

A steel hat is obtained through a pressing process and is then positioned in the mold during the casting before the liquid cast iron is introduced at a temperature of 1,400°C. It is subsequently connected to the braking surface as the cast iron solidifies around special steel teeth on the hat.

The result is a lightweight disc made up of a high-carbon cast iron braking surface and a steel hat, which are properly coupled during a special casting process that ensures perfect interchangeability with the original disc as well as increased performance and reduced weight.

Contact person

Martin Pohl

Senior Account Manager DACH / UK

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