Stezzano / 09.09.2022

The Art of Braking: An engaging exhibition about brakes

6 - 18 September, 2022 at MUDEC – Museo delle Culture di Milano


Over 60 years of the famous brand's history is narrated through design, innovation, and research in an exhibition where the control of energy and movement is transformed into an immersive experience of technology, light design, and video installations.

 “The brake is an essential element of our lives,” said Matteo Tiraboschi, Brembo Executive Chairman. “With this exhibition at Mudec, we want to take it out of its natural place, the vehicle, and show it to everyone under a new light and through the languages of the arts. A brake is not only a safety tool, it also tells us a deeper story: technological innovation, design shapes and the mastery of the material. It is performance, emotion and beauty. We are sure that those who visit ‘The Art of Braking’ will have the opportunity to discover a world that is both amazing and exciting.”

MUDEC - Museo delle Culture di Milano
Via Tortona, 56 - Milan

Contact person

Holger Neumann

Senior Account Manager

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