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UFI FILTERS to achieve the expected double digit growth with investment in new cabin air filter production lines

UFI Filters
  • Cabin air filters contribute 15% of growth in forecast Aftermarket turnover in Europe
  • Over 98.5% of the European car parc are covered by UFI cabin air filter products, with 418 separate catalogue references for both UFI and SOFIMA brands and more than 50 new product codes scheduled for 2018
  • Initial production capacity of over 2 million units per year for cabin air filters

UFI FILTERS, a global leader in filtration technology, is launching two new automated lines in Italy for production of cabin air filters, with an initial capacity of more than two million units per year. Involving an investment of close to one million euro, this will contribute further to the significant growth of the cabin air filter range in response to the ever-increasing demand for this type of product. The new lines, which confirm the Group's expansion strategy, will be dedicated to production for the EMEA market, while the line introduced last year at the SOFIMA INDUSTRIAL FILTER facility in Shanghai will be dedicated to the local Chinese market.

The new production lines located at the Group's Italian facility produce both synthetic cabin air filters and combined activated carbon cabin air filters. Furthermore, the Group's investment in research and development has enabled a project based on nano-technologies to be developed which will allow an innovative filter media to be manufactured especially for the cabin air filters of the future. For this project, a new piece of machinery has been purchased and installed at the UFI INNOVATION CENTER in Ala di Trento, enabling UFI to become a supplier of a new-generation technology for this product segment.

There are a total of 418 cabin references in the Aftermarket catalogue for the UFI and SOFIMA brands, thereof 258 anti-pollen filters made from synthetic non-woven filter media. 160 references, meanwhile, are manufactured using non-woven fabric filters combined with activated carbons.

The cabin range has grown significantly over the last two years, with 110 new products launched across both brands and more than 50 to be added in 2018, ensuring that more than 98.5% of all vehicles on Europe's roads are covered by UFI filters.

To this day, the anti-pollen filters trap an average of more than 90% of particles with a diameter of more than 2.5 microns (pollens). The incorporation of activated carbons in the filters, meanwhile, also stops smaller particles of 0.01 to 2 microns (gas, bacteria, fungus and odours) from reaching the inside of the passenger compartment, thus providing guaranteed protection from unpleasant odours and cleaner air, as well as preventing the dangerous “tunnel effect” within the vehicle interior.

Luca Betti, Director of the UFI Group Aftermarket Business Unit, stated: “UFI estimates that this year, cabin air filters alone will contribute 15% to the anticipated overall growth in the Group's turnover from European Aftermarket sales, an increase that will also be supported by our investment in new production lines and the development of new-generation filter media. In this particular product segment, which has demonstrated double-digit growth in recent years, technological innovation will play a strategic role in helping the Group to meet its development objectives."

Currently fitted as standard in 97 out of 100 of all new cars sold in Europe, this type of product is present on over 95% of cars on European roads - a figure that is destined to grow considerably in the years to come. UFI FILTERS will be ready to meet the needs of the EMEA market, thanks to the Group's dedicated manufacturing facilities and ongoing investment in research and development.

To support its customers, the company offers a range of specific activities regarding its Aftermarket cabin air filters, including dedicated promotions, leaflets and brochures, as well as catalogues and websites that are constantly updated. For further information, please visit and

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