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UFI Filters provides technology for Lamborghini Revuelto, the automaker’s first plug-in hybrid

UFI Filters
  • UFI Filters is original equipment in the Lamborghini Revuelto: the first Lamborghini HPEV plug-in hybrid super sports car
  • Latest-generation oil module for the new Lamborghini V12 engine
  • High chemical stability; reliability in contact with water and fuel and extreme filtering performance thanks to FormulaUFI.Micron

UFI Filters, a leader in filtration and thermal management as well as hydrogen filtration technologies, presents the latest generation oil module for Lamborghini's new V12 engine, which is fitted to the Revuelto, the first plug-in hybrid HPEV (High Performance Electrified Vehicle) super sports car from the ‘Casa del Toro’.

Announced to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the ‘Casa di Sant'Agata Bolognese’, Revuelto is the first Lamborghini super sports car built on the innovative LB744 platform to be equipped with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. This incorporates the full power of the high-performance 12-cylinder internal combustion engine with three high-density electric motors powered by a lithium-ion battery.

UFI Filters is the original equipment supplier for the Revuelto’s powerful V12, which uses the latest generation oil filter, based on the FormulaUFI.Micron specification. The complete module features an aluminium body and heat exchanger and a filter cartridge made of synthetic fibres, which offers high chemical stability even under difficult conditions, such as the stresses experienced by a high-displacement engine, while offering the highest reliability in contact with water and fuel. Filtration efficiency is ensured by very small fibres, which help maximise the life of the filter element and reduce pressure drops, which helps ensure that the oil circuit always has the maximum flow of lubricant for the super-performing V12.

Giorgio Girondi, Chairman of the UFI Filters Group, comments: “Innovation is part of our DNA, and we prove it by writing the history of hybrid super sports car technology. The future is an integral part of our vision and constantly pushes us to overcome limits. With our know-how and R&D investments, we create cutting-edge solutions even for the most innovative plug-in hybrid applications.”

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