Ingolstadt / 10.09.2019

MT Technologies has given shape to the AI:TRAIL quattro

The AI:TRAIL quattro, the fourth concept study being presented by Audi at IAA 2019, marks another important step towards mobility of the future, not only for car manufacturers but also for MT Technologies. The Ingolstadt-based model maker has been closely involved in the formation process of the vision car, all the way from its virtual draft to the finished clay model.

MT Technologies

The two companies are already a well-established team. For the past 70 years, Audi has counted on MT Technologies for the design and model making of its concept cars. Their last successful cooperation was evident in the design implementation of the Audi AI:ME presented at Auto Shanghai 2019. With the premiere of the AI:TRAIL quattro, the brand with the four rings has now completed its quartet of visionary vehicles.  

MT Technologies’ Head of model making Rainer Leppmeier and his team of 20 began giving shape to Audi’s design specifications in late summer 2018. There was no template for this vision car; rather there were high expectations for the full package, such as complete, future-oriented design, a spacious interior, as well as the technology to be provided inside. “The whole design process comes down to making these visions tangible and understandable,” Leppmeier explains. 

In order to give the right form to the mere idea of a visionary off-roader, along with the necessary creativity and perfect coordination with the client, first and foremost many years of experience in implementing designs and model making are required. MT Technologies harnesses all of these skills – a key factor in making it a strong partner to German car manufacturers over many years. General Manager Josef Pfister also focuses on close communication: “Providing the look and a certain character to a vision relies on the partners completely understanding each other in the design process,” he confirms.

The AI:TRAIL quattro has also set the trend. Going forward, MT Technologies will create vehicle models as a ‘one-stop-shop’ partner – delivering everything from the idea to the virtual design and the show car itself. In addition, MT Technologies, as a new member of the Ayala Corporation Industrial Group, is able to supply functional components to car manufacturer world-wide throughout the entire product development process, right up to serial production. That capability ensures that MT Technologies will be ready to take on large-scale projects from the automotive industry of the future, too.

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