Guangzhou / 19.11.2018

18 Service Stations Along the G4 Expressway Now Provide Free Battery Swap Service to ES8 Owners

  • G4 Expressway battery swap network the first in NIO’s nation-wide deployment strategy
  • NIO’s battery swap network increases travel efficiency, offering an experience beyond refueling

NIO announced the official inauguration of its G4 Expressway battery swap network at a press conference.

Stretching approximately 2,285 kilometers, the G4 Expressway is a major transit route running from Northern to Southern China, with 18 NIO battery swap stations now located in 14 service areas along Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou and other major cities.

The G4 Expressway battery swap network is the first deployed by NIO, and the company is working to cover other major highways across China’s central eastern region within the next year.

During the press conference, NIO also announced that ES8 Founders Edition owners, as well as owners who have put down a deposit on the ES8 Standard Edition will be able to enjoy 12 free battery swaps every year at any service station across China.“With the support of our partners, we’ve dedicated ourselves to deploying our battery swap network in order to offer users a worry-free driving experience on China’s highways. The deployment of our battery swap network on the G4 expressway is the beginning of providing a charging experience beyond refueling, ” said NIO co-founder and president, Lihong Qin.

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