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Brembo launches world premiere of new Aftermarket pads strategy with XTRA brake pads at AAPEX and SEMA

Latest developments in braking technology increase performance and greener content, while new visual identity for pad range helps identification


Brembo, a world leader and innovator in automotive brake technology, introduced a new aftermarket pads strategy with the world premiere of the latest developments in braking at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) & Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, USA.

As the automotive industry continues to transition to future powertrains, one thing remains constant, vehicles will need to stop safely,” said Roberto Caravati, Chief Operating Officer Global Business Unit Aftermarket of Brembo. “Brembo will continue to provide solutions for the enthusiast, the automaker and the racetrack, with the aim of offering the best driving experience, making vehicles safer for generations to come and, furthermore, each product will be greener than the previous one. Our widening range of offerings have been on display at AAPEX and SEMA for companies and individuals to see and feel the best in braking.”

AAPEX marked the global debut of the Brembo’s all Copper Free XTRA brake pad line with Low Met (low metal content) and Ceramic NAO (non-asbestos organic) formulations (XTRA and XTRA Ceramic), bridging the gap between Brembo’s aftermarket and performance lines and demonstrating Brembo’s ability to provide tailored solutions for those seeking the best friction material in an aftermarket pad, together with a lower impact on the environment.

  • The XTRA Low Met line offers best-in-class performance, stopping and experience for the car enthusiast.
  • The XTRA Ceramic line delivers superior performance and comfort, with minimal dust to ensure cleaner wheels.

The addition of those new pads to the existing XTRA range, which includes Brembo Max slotted discs and XTRA drilled discs, creates the ultimate performance combination specifically designed for high-performance vehicles.

Brembo also unveiled a new visual identity across its pads line to help distinguish each family with different backing plates and shim colors.

  • The color of the shim indicates which family the product belongs to: Black for Prime, Red for XTRA and Silver for Beyond.
  • The backing plate color communicates the friction material: Black for Low Met, Grey for NAO/Ceramic, Blue for Beyond EV and Green for Beyond Greenance.

This new extended and tailor-made aftermarket pad strategy has been made possible by Brembo’s joint venture with Gold Phoenix, enriching and strengthening Brembo’s position in the aftermarket pads market for development and state-of-the-art production facilities.

Brembo’s braking systems and components are found on a wide range of vehicles, from Formula 1 and other racing series to performance-focused vehicles as well as daily drivers. Brembo’s offerings continues to expand to serve automakers and enthusiasts alike by turning energy into inspiration.

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