Stezzano / 27.04.2020

Brembo resumes some italian operations

The company gradually reopens its sites in Italy, resuming part of the production.


From Tuesday April 28, Brembo reopens some of its activities in the plants of Curno, Mapello and Sellero (Italy), temporarily suspended on March 16, due to the emergency situation generated by COVID-19.

The decision was taken in line with the recent extraordinary provisions of the Italian Government.

During the closing period, Brembo focused its efforts on implementing and reinforcing safety measures, following the instructions of the authorities.

Brembo has worked on the disinfection and sanitization of all working environments and it has intensified safety measures for its people. These include the use of protective masks to be worn throughout the day spent in the company and an increase in the number of hand disinfectant dispensers. In addition to that, at every entrance of the Brembo facilities, employees will have their body temperature measured before entering the workplace. Finally, Brembo has introduced a series of changes that limits the presence of people both in the workplace and in public areas.

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Martin Pohl

Account Director

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