/ 04.05.2021

Berco’s high quality once again confirmed by the supply of idlers to a global machinery manufacturer

  • Further strengthening of long-term supply relationship with a leading global manufacturer
  • Idler and track adjuster system to be supplied to 20 tons excavators
  • Expert know-how and highest quality are Berco hallmarks

Berco’s status as a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of undercarriage components, has been further confirmed with the announcement that the Italian company is to deliver its idler and track adjuster system to the Indian plant of one of most important players in the construction market for their 20 tons excavators. This is another step forward and a further reinforcement of the long-term existing cooperation.

The idler along with the track adjuster system are a crucial part of the undercarriage of earth moving machines, designed to last for a full lifetime without breaking. The main functions are to ensure the proper track group assembly tension level (track sag) and prevent shock loads on track chain and idler.

Quality is the decisive factor

With over 100 years of experience and expertise in the industry, Berco’s capabilities are perfectly demonstrated by this system, which involves complex engineering and manufacturing processes, as well as the assembly of 30 components.

The tailor-made idlers in question are composed of an external hot-rolled rim, two side plates and a hub composed of two forged halves. Using unique processes, these components are machined, welded together, heat treated and assembled with the corresponding track adjusters at the specialised areas of Berco’s Castelfranco Veneto production plant. Highest strengths are achieved as a result of the special chemical composition of the materials which are further reinforced by the addition of boron and induction hardening.

For the design of the 20 tons track adjuster, Berco uses its vast experience to set optimum spring dimensions and working load selection. Benchmarking activities, in-house development and testing resources (such as fatigue testing) are availed of, which consider all-influencing parameters such as vehicle weight, external forces and environmental conditions.

The toughest test bench

In India, working conditions for heavy machinery are particularly tough. On average, 80 percent of mid-range excavators are used for 3,000 hours a year (compared to 1,500-2,000 hours a year in Europe and the US), performing in extreme soil conditions such as in quarries.

Although the idler and track adjuster system in general is meant to last a full life cycle, the misuse of heavy machinery can lead to the requirement for maintenance and even replacement to be performed. Aside from very high maintenance costs, a machine undergoing an idler and track adjuster system replacement will receive significant downtime. With maintenance to be avoided at all costs, the emphasis on the reliability which Berco can guarantee is even more important in locations like India.

Fedele Salvatore, Head of Sales OEM Europe at Berco: “We are proud that our long-lasting relationship with our customer has been further strengthened. Their sourcing of our idler and track adjuster system demonstrates once again the quality and reliability of our products. With this system, we are providing a solution that is able to perform in the toughest conditions and achieve the highest working hours, resulting in a significant reduction in costs over time.”

Berco manufacturing possibilities include idlers for a complete range of machines, from mini excavators  all the way to mining applications. This is mirrored by its adjuster range, which includes spring adjusters for lighter machines and hydraulic adjusters for ones weighing 150-200 tons and over. But the company’s capabilities go far beyond the production of tailormade components, they also include specific services to individual customer requests, therefore positioning Berco as an overall solution provider to all undercarriage system-related issues.

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