Stezzano / 19.09.2018

Brembo’s electromechanical braking system offers more comfort, safety and features


Marking its participation in the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles show, the important European event dedicated to the world of commercial vehicles that takes place from today till September 27 in Hannover, Brembo presents the Electric Parking Brake (EPB).

This electromechanical parking position system perfected by Brembo researchers replaces the parking brake, which is usually manually operated, by a mechanical lever in the driver’s cab. In Brembo's EPB, all levers, cables and mechanical links are replaced by an electronic button located among the cab controls.

It is a solution that the international market is welcoming with enthusiasm because it simplifies the vehicle assembly and layout stages. However, it is commercial vehicle drivers who especially benefit from this system, as they are guaranteed more space in the cab, better ergonomics and less cognitive effort.

Always a prominent reference point in the braking system field, Brembo has a strong reputation for experimentation and research into technologies that can improve performance and comfort for both moving and stationary vehicles.

By integrating the EPB with the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system, parking brake performance in the most critical conditions is now greatly improved compared to traditional solutions: its technology is capable of estimating brake disc temperature, road slope and other operating conditions.

The continuous diagnostics of all these variables and the system operating status by the electronic control unit automatically ensures a second activation of braking force in the event of a vehicle slipping. When, on the other hand, parking is carried out with very high caliper and pad temperatures, the system calibrates the optimum power.

To ensure the highest safety level in emergency situations, Brembo has equipped its EPB with a system that allows emergency braking with wheel anti-locking. This solution allows the driver to stop the vehicle safely should the hydraulic circuits of the calipers or drums stop working.

The distinctive trait of the EPB system is its combination of four elements: the control button in the cab, the software, the electronic control unit and the specific electromechanical actuators. Depending on the manufacturer’s requirements, the actuators can be applied to either the brake calipers or to the drum inside the brake disc (Drum in Hat).

As this is a safety-critical system, in other words, capable of managing increasingly more complex features, Brembo has dedicated particular attention to compliance with the prevailing regulations. The EPB has obtained ISO 26262 certification, the standard that regulates the use and functional safety of vehicle electrical and electronic systems.

The control software was developed based on the strictest automotive quality regulations and certified by Automotive Spice, the process model that complies with the requirements established by the ISO 15504 standard.

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