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Lower fuel consumption, lower emissions and better handling with two new Lightweight and Dual Cast disc ranges

An additional Original Equipment-quality offering, that completes Brembo’s exclusive Aftermarket two-piece brake disc portfolio


Brembo, the world leader and acknowledged innovator of brake technology, today announced the addition of Dual Cast and Lightweight two-piece brake discs to its Aftermarket offerings. The new disc ranges – both of which are exclusive to Brembo – represent another significant step in Brembo’s mission to become a solution provider. The introductions join the company’s existing Floating, Composite and Co-cast collections, to provide customers with a complete choice of two-piece replacement discs for a host of premium vehicles.

Both of the new disc solutions feature the unique technical characteristics of Brembo’s two-piece portfolio, including use of a special cast iron process, lighter-weight hats, pillar or directional venting, plus holes and/or grooves on the braking surface. Together these design solutions guarantee optimum braking performance in all conditions. In addition the new discs allow more precise and stable vehicle dynamics, a better pedal feel and a lighter braking system, along with added environmental benefits.

Dual Cast brake disc

Specifically, Brembo’s new Dual Cast discs comprise 16 unique part numbers for the sportier models of some of the most important car brands on the market. The patented design positions an aluminium hat alongside the cast-iron braking surface, to harness the perfect performance of iron with the advantages of lightweight aluminium that can handle high temperatures. The result is a disc that’s up to 30% lighter than an integral one of the same size, allowing a significant reduction in the vehicle’s fuel consumption and emissions. The Dual Cast design also delivers up to 70% better resistance to thermal deformations, ensuring less residual torque and reducing the possibility of vibration.

Lightweight brake disc

The Lightweight disc offers 17, first-to-market applications (only available within the European community) for the most exclusive Jaguar Land Rover models, including its latest generation of Land Rovers. Brembo engineered the new lightweight solutions to help reduce the unsprung mass of the vehicle by reducing the weight on each corner. In addition, these advanced discs combine a steel hat with a high-carbon, cast-iron braking surface, designed to offer maximum pad-to-disc connectivity for improved driver control. These features achieve a 15% lighter disc compared with the integral counterpart, contributing to improved fuel consumption, lower emissions and better overall vehicle handling.

The two new applications also benefit from Brembo’s extensive experience as a manufacturer of top-quality Original Equipment brake components. Like all the exclusive designs in the company’s two-piece disc family, every Dual Cast and Lightweight component is made in the same factory, on the same assembly line, and is subjected to the same rigorous specifications and quality controls that Brembo applies to its OE solutions.

Brembo’s Dual Cast and Lightweight discs are available to the Aftermarket from February 2022 at participating retailers, auto service shops, or at

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