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Exide’s Marine and Leisure Battery Range Receives DNV Recertification

  • Exide's Marine & Leisure Gel and AGM batteries receive renewed DNV type approval certification, reaffirming their safety and reliability for vessel installation.
  • DNV (Det Norske Veritas) is the leading classification society in the maritime industry, providing globally recognized testing and certification services.
  • Exide Technologies is a trusted original-equipment supplier to top boat and marine-vessel manufacturers, with a reputation for delivering high-quality products.

Exide Technologies, a global provider of Energy Battery Storage Solutions announces the renewal of DNV type approval certification for its Exide Marine & Leisure Gel and AGM batteries. This certification signifies the continued safety and reliability of these batteries for installation in various vessels.

DNV - A Benchmark in Maritime Certification

DNV, a renowned classification society headquartered in Norway, is a prominent entity in the maritime industry, offering widely recognized testing, certification, and technical consulting services across the energy value chain, including renewables, oil and gas, and energy management.

A decade of consistency and quality assurance for Exide Technologies; DNV originally granted type approval certification to Exide's Marine & Leisure GEL and AGM batteries in 2011. The renewal of this certification underscores Exide's ongoing commitment to maintaining stringent quality standards in battery manufacturing. DNV conducts a rigorous evaluation process every two years to ensure these standards are upheld.

Trusted by Leading Manufacturers

Exide serves as an original-equipment supplier to numerous prominent boat and marine-vessel manufacturers. These manufacturers rely on the quality and dependability of Exide's products. In addition to DNV's certification, Exide's Marine & Leisure range holds verification from the UK's National Caravan Council, an esteemed authority among motorhome and caravan users. These endorsements contribute to the reputation of Exide's resellers as providers of trustworthy and high-quality products.

Expanded Type Approval Certificate

The updated type approval certificate encompasses a range of Exide Marine & Leisure batteries, including Start AGM, Dual AGM, Equipment AGM, and Equipment GEL. These batteries serve various purposes, from engine starting to powering electrical equipment.

Guido Scanagatta, Director Product Management & Application Automotive at Exide Technologies, commented, "Exide Technologies offers a comprehensive battery portfolio for marine leisure, spanning from flooded to lithium-ion technology. We are pleased that our Gel and AGM batteries have received DNV approval once again, enabling their installation in a wide array of vessels. This underscores their high level of security and safety for all maritime needs“.

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