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New UFI Filters oil module for the Volkswagen Group’s mild hybrid engines

UFI Filters
  • New oil module for EA 288 EVO mild hybrid 2.0 litre engines
  • Enhanced control of the lubrication and coolant system thanks to a compact layout with a multitude of integrated functions
  • A significant contribution to reducing CO2

UFI Filters technology is contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. The Group, which is a leading name in filtration and thermal management, is able to meet the growing needs of hybrid and electric vehicles by providing the right products. UFI Filters is the Original Equipment (OE) supplier of a new oil module for the Volkswagen Group’s mild hybrid system in the EA 288 EVO 2.0 litre engines with an output ranging from 100 kW (136 hp) to 150 kW (204 hp).

UFI Filters filtration products meet the specific needs of new mild hybrid systems such as the Volkswagen Group's four-cylinder engine, which has a starter generator connected to a lithium-ion battery. The German manufacturer's new EA 288 EVO engine reduces CO2 emissions by up to 10 g/km more than the previous version. The UFI Filters oil module contributes to this reduction through thermal management of the oil and coolant circuits and an optimised layout that reduces pressure drops.

The EA 288 EVO is one of the German company's most widely sold and respected engines; and is installed on a number of different models including the Volkswagen Golf, the Passat, the Škoda Octavia and the SEAT Leon. It offers a whole range of advantages in terms of fuel consumption, comfort and performance.

The new UFI Filters module, which has a plastic body and smaller dimensions, helps to reduce the weight and fuel consumption of the engine. It features a by-pass valve and a solenoid valve which improve control of the oil and coolant flow through the engine, as well as helping to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. These technological systems, which are built into the UFI Filters oil module, guarantee minimised pressure losses in the lubrication system, thus increasing engine performance and reducing fuel consumption.

The filtration module also has a plastic drain valve to facilitate workshop servicing.

The complete filter, with an eco-friendly cartridge, delivers 99% filtering efficiency for particles of up to 40 microns, according to ISO 4548-12.

Luca Betti, UFI Group Aftermarket Business Unit Director, comments: “This is a very important project for the UFI Filters Group, in which our product is installed on one of the most appreciated engines on the market. A key competitive advantage that the Group offers to its Aftermarket distributors is its range of exclusive products. Our customers can have spare parts quality installed in their cars being equivalent to the Original Equipment, a step ahead of our competitors in the market. The replacement module will also be available in the UFI and SOFIMA Aftermarket catalogue in the coming year."

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