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UFI MULTITUBE, the revolution in engine air filtration for the Maserati MC20 supercar

UFI Filters
  • The geometric flexibility of the tube allows it to be housed near the air inlet
  • It offers long-lasting filtration performance thanks to the special filter media, which is made from hydrophobic synthetic fibres
  • The weight of the cartridge is reduced by up to 25%, with a reduction in pressure drops of up to 50%

UFI MULTITUBE, the revolutionary engine air filtration technology "powered by UFI Filters", a leading group in filtration and thermal management, has been selected as Original Equipment for the latest Maserati supercar, the MC20.

MC, which stands for Maserati Corse, serves as a reference to the sporty nature of the car, and to the world of racing, hinting at the record-breaking performance of this supercar, which is equipped with a 3.0 litre, 630 hp V6 engine. The power provided by the six cylinders on this Maserati, developed by the brand’s Innovation Lab in Modena, is boosted by the dual airbox engineered by UFI Filters technicians, which contains the cutting-edge MULTITUBE technology.

The distinctive features of UFI MULTITUBE include its modularity and geometric flexibility. The positioning of the tube near the air inlet, in the wheel arch area, designed and developed by UFI and Maserati engineers, has enabled both the design and performance of the car to be safeguarded. In addition, in order to meet the need to keep the structure of the car as light as possible - the MC20 weighs less than 1,500kg - UFI MULTITUBE offers a considerable reduction in the weight of the filter - indeed, it comes in at up to 25% lighter than other standard solutions.

The tubular shape of the filter media, which is made from hydrophobic synthetic fibres, maintains full functionality and filtration performance - over 99.5% - throughout the entire life cycle of the product, unlike traditional air panel solutions. The hydrophobic nature of the material makes it particularly suitable for the design of the MC20; due to the positioning in the wheel arch area, the air intake and the filter box itself capture even more impurities, debris and water droplets from the external environment.

The revolutionary flow rate of UFI MULTITUBE also lies in its ability to guarantee improved fluid dynamics in the air flow to the engine. Because of the hydrophobic filter media, the Maserati MC20 does not require any additional water separation systems to protect the engine, and accordingly, benefits from a 50% reduction in pressure drops compared to other panel air filters. UFI MULTITUBE thus enables the full power of the engine to be expressed, for performance levels that are truly worthy of a supercar.

Rinaldo Facchini, CEO of the UFI Filters Group, comments: “We are very proud of our partnership with Maserati, which has served to renew confidence in our products. UFI MULTITUBE, one of the flagship products of the UFI Filters Group, represents a revolution in air filtration, and has enabled the needs of Maserati to be met in full throughout the development of this innovative sports car. The versatility of UFI MULTITUBE enables it to be used both on vehicles with a large cylinder capacity, such as the MC20, and on A-segment cars. Further developments and applications are in the pipeline for this technology, both on the European and the Asian market.”

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