Stezzano / 19.09.2018

Maximum personalisation and extra features with Brembo hydro-electromechanical brake calipers


Brembo, global leader in the production of braking systems, is showing the public a range of ECS (Electric Combined Sliding) brake calipers in spheroidal graphite iron especially for the commercial vehicle market at the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles exhibition.

These solutions are part of a strategy of innovative technological product and process development that Brembo has pursued for more than half a century. Since its foundation, Brembo has filed more than 400 patent families, which are indispensable for protecting the technological leadership the company has acquired over the years.

The new range of ECS calipers simultaneously carries out the function of the service brake and integrated electromechanical parking brake. It is a solution that combines traditional mechanical know-how with the latest electronic features.

Brembo's manufacturing philosophy guarantees that the service brake can be customised to meet the customer's needs: the commercial vehicle manufacturer can opt for different combinations of piston diameter, surface and pad volume.

As for the parking function, there is a specific electromechanical actuator that meets the requirements of ECE-R13 H and ISO 26262 for functional safety: approval that was obtained after numerous tests to verify the efficiency of the overall system and the materials used. The result is a parking brake that guarantees a level of performance and lifetime durability more common to light and medium-heavy commercial vehicles.

Built to withstand the stresses and loads typical of these vehicles, the ECS calipers are integrated into the vehicle’s electronic stability control (ESC) system. Brembo is one of the few brands able to operate with ESC system logic, thanks to its continuous testing of the various components that determine vehicle safety.

The integration of the ECS calipers with the ESC system provides numerous additional features compared to a traditional hand brake: assistance for uphill starts, vehicle slip prevention, manual/automatic parking brake release, parking safety with hot brake discs and emergency braking.

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