Stezzano / 11.09.2018

New Brembo co-cast disc

The new Aftermarket range of Brembo brake discs offers an innovative solution that is both lightweight and resistant.


Brembo, the leader in the braking system industry, launches the new Brembo co-cast disc in the main automotive trade fairs. The disc was made to replace the composite discs in the Aftermarket range for the most recent premium applications on the Mercedes, for which Brembo is already the OE manufacturer. This option maintains the technical and performance specifications while adopting an exclusive and highly innovation solution.

A steel hat is obtained through a pressing process and is then positioned in the mold during the casting before the liquid cast iron is introduced at a temperature of 1,400°C. It is subsequently connected to the braking surface as the cast iron solidifies around special steel teeth on the hat.

The result is a lightweight disc made up of a high-carbon cast iron braking surface and a steel hat, which are properly coupled during a special casting process that ensures perfect interchangeability with the original disc as well as increased performance and reduced weight.

Brembo co-cast disc has the following characteristics:

1. Resistant

The special conformation of the steel hat and its connection to the cast iron surface through casting enable unifying the two parts and the two different materials, while increasing the disc's resistance to thermo-mechanical strains.

2. Lightweight and drivable

The steel hat guarantees about a 15% reduction in the weight of the disc, compared to an integral disc of the same size. Since the brake disc is part of the unsprung weight of the car, reducing the weight improves handling, which results in more precise and stable vehicle dynamics and ensures more driving comfort.

3. Low environmental impact

In recent years, environmental impact has taken on an increasingly important role.

The co-cast solution adopted by Brembo respects the environment by reducing the weight of the disc, which in turn ensures an increase in the available force and a reduction in consumption and emissions of the car.

4. UV-treated surface

The disc surface is coated with UV technology, a highly innovative, state-of-the-art option. By choosing to do this, Brembo guarantees a disc that is more resistant to corrosion, humidity and elevated temperatures. Plus, the UV coating is water-based and does not require solvents, which makes the coating process very efficient from the point of view of energy: it generates a saving of 98% in energy and CO₂-emissions.

For the new Brembo range - UNECE R-90 certified - special attention was paid to full compliance with the strictest requirements of strength and safety, by ensuring equivalent performance to the original product, in any driving condition.

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