Stezzano / 10.07.2023

New ‘Car fitting’ section added to Bremboparts website

A new section on the Bremboparts website provides a wealth of information on the differing maintenance needs of Brembo’s wide range of brake products


Brembo has just launched a new ‘car fitting’ section on its Bremboparts website, designed to boost its customer experience. It provides step-by-step procedures and instructions for replacing Brembo braking products. The company’s long-standing experience in braking systems allows it to not only offer a wide and reliable Aftermarket portfolio, but also to guide all those who need supporting information with up-to-date knowledge.

As the market has evolved in recent years, the Aftermarket has seen the introduction of a wide variety of braking products, not always accompanied by the necessary information on their maintenance. As a provider of service-oriented solutions, Brembo places great emphasis on ensuring that the diverse needs of its customers are always met. To this end, the company has created a new hub on its website, designed to provide customers with all relevant product information, including maintenance and safety.

Bremboparts is increasingly becoming an enhanced suite of products and tools, and this new section is a key part of the site’s improvement, as is the restyling of the navigation layout launched in early 2023. All these new functionalities and features are crucial to an improved user experience and to easy-to-use catalogue navigation.

It can be reached either via the QR code printed on the packaging of the products or by clicking in the support section of Bremboparts: Car fitting ( Moreover, every product page has the ‘assembly instructions’ link which redirects to the corresponding fitting instruction page, that provides an intuitive interface to make installing and removing spare components a smooth process.

The car fitting section is already available in English, Italian, French and German language versions. Soon it will be translated into other regions’ languages in order to allow users to quickly and easily explore the page. In its 24 language versions, Bremboparts reached 1.6 million users in 2022.

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