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UFI Filters supplies complete range for Kamaz and Liebherr six-cylinder engine

UFI Filters
  • Diesel filter with >98.6% high filtration efficiency
  • Oil filter made with multilayer media and filtration capacity of 99.5% at 12 microns
  • Rotating and self-cleaning blow-by filter with acid resistant Gen 2 filter media

UFI Filters, a leader in filtration and thermal management, takes a further step forward in the Heavy Duty sector, supplying the complete range of filters for the Kamaz R6 and Liebherr D956 diesel engine: oil filter, diesel filter and rotating blow-by filter developed with the exclusive ‘FormulaUFI’ filter media.

The inline 6-cylinder engine developed in collaboration between the two manufacturers meets the requirements of the Stage V emissions regulation and already ensures compliance with the Stage VI standard of the future. In addition, the engine maintenance intervals have been increased to 150,000 km.

With a capacity of 12 litres and a power between 250 to 400 kW, the new inline 6-cylinder engine is equipped with a common rail injection system developed by Liebherr and an engine control unit (ECU). The best protection of the injectors is guaranteed by the UFI diesel filter with ‘FormulaUFI.H2O’ filter media. Based on cellulose and featuring glass fibre, the filter media provides a very high filtering efficiency – higher than 98.6% for particles up to 4 microns (in accordance with ISO 19438) – and a high number of operating hours – up to 3,000 hours of service life. A solid die-cast aluminium support hooks the filter to the motor body and the plastic cap ensures lightness and flexibility, allowing the filter to work up to pressures of 12 bar. Finally, to protect the engine from any misuse of a cartridge that does not meet OE performance, UFI filters has adopted a patented coupling system between the filter cartridge and the plastic cap.

The UFI oil filter with die-cast aluminium support and plastic cap, can work at pressures of 15 bar, and the internal cartridge, with patented coupling, is developed with ‘FormulaUFI.StratiFlex’ filter media. Here, a pleated multilayer featuring glass fibres, guarantees a filtering efficiency of 99.5% for particles greater than 12 microns (Beta 200 @ 12 µ). In addition, to guarantee high filtering efficiency, the ‘FormulaUFI.StratiFlex’ media is able to perform at a high accumulation capacity, thus ensuring a replacement interval of up to 3,000 working hours. The high filtering efficiency keeps the oil clean, therefore minimising wear on the engine components.

The UFI blow-by filter both filters and recovers the oil aerosol from gas and vapours that leak from the combustion chamber to the oil pan. This includes the oil droplets generated by the crankshaft during operation (oil shaking). Oil must be removed before blow-by gas is recirculated into the combustion chamber mixed with intake air. It has a fundamental role in reducing polluting emissions, due to burning of oil droplets recirculated in the combustion chamber. The gases are recovered and highly filtered, which avoids the discharge of contaminants into the atmosphere and the formation of nucleation centres by ashes as well as PM (particulate matter) at the tailpipe which is caused by burned oil. The UFI blow-by supplied to the Kamaz R6 and Liebherr D956 engine is part of the Gen 2 family, which rotates and self-cleans. It is mounted directly on the high-pressure fuel pump shaft and consists of a filter media made of synthetic material and glass fibre, ‘FormulaUFI.Micron’. The filter is able to resist acid ambient particular to blow-by gas. It has a filtration capacity of 95% according to ISO 17536 and works at an operating pressure of between 2 to 25 mbar for ¾ of the mapping of the motor and maintains its performance for up to 3,000 working hours.

Onofrio Defina, COO & Sales Aftermarket EMEA Director UFI Filters, says: "This project demonstrates how UFI Filters is a complete partner for the OEM, able to offer a 360° range for the truck and off-road sector. We are very proud to be able to once again expand our partnership with the Kamaz brand and strengthen our involvement with the Liebherr industrial group.

UFI Filters Group continues to build its Heavy Duty range for Original Equipment, thus laying the foundations for the further implementation and enrichment of our Aftermarket offer. Our distributors can always count on the OE pedigree of our products ".

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