Büdingen / 13.06.2023

Exide plant in Spain honoured by Jaguar Land Rover

  • Exide received JLR award
  • Long-standing OEM recognized Manzanares plant for its consistency customer in sustained quality performance

Exide Technologies (www.exidegroup.com), a global leader in OE batteries, has been awarded with the prestigious JLRQ honour for sustained quality performance.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has recognized the outstanding supply efforts of Exide, and, in particular, the excellent progress its Manzanares plant has made over recent years to meet the understandably high standards that JLR sets.

JLR Global STA Director Procurement, Andrew McLure, and JLR STA for Exide Business, Charles Walker, recently delivered the award to Exide Manzanares Plant Manager, Rafael Gallego, in the presence of the team.

Gallego said: “Gaining JLRQ status represents both a proud and important milestone in the performance of the Exide Manzanares facility.”

“Customer excellence is one of our most important corporate values, so knowing we are meeting those standards and satisfying our customers, like JLR, is testament to the tireless work ethic we have in place. There is an unwavering commitment to drive consistent improvement and generate premium results, and, while we celebrate this accolade, the hard work continues.”

McLure added: “It was a pleasure to hand this award to Exide.”

A successful partnership

Since a decade, both companies have collaborated to offer performance, comfort and reliability, with Exide trusted to supply AGM batteries for almost the entire JLR vehicle line-up.

JLR, like the majority of vehicle manufacturers, has met the growing trend and demands for cleaner, greener vehicles and has invested heavily in electrification. Since 2017, Exide Manzanares has supported this approach with the supply of its best-in-class 12V lead-acid auxiliary battery for the all-electric Jaguar I-Pace.

Lead-acid technology is playing a vital role in electric vehicle innovation, as 12V lead-acid batteries are almost completely recyclable and are renowned for their robustness. Moreover, their power provides the required energy to activate safety relays and connect high-voltage batteries to a vehicle’s board net and electric unit. It is therefore not surprising that JLR, along with other OEMs, chose this battery type as back-up support to traction batteries.

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