Nogarole Rocca / 23.04.2018

UFI Filters joins TEMOT International

UFI Filters
  • Agreement with TEMOT marks the next step in UFI Group's internationalisation strategy
  • Global contract covers both UFI and SOFIMA brands
  • New partnership expected to contribute more than 20% to sales growth in 2018

UFI Filters, a world’s leading company for the design and manufacturing of filtering systems, has signed a three-year worldwide agreement with the TEMOT International Group for both UFI and SOFIMA brands. This brings UFI’s sector leading OE filtration technology into the service of TEMOT’s international distribution network.

This means UFI Filters is distributed through of one of the leading networks in the Automotive Aftermarket sector with 75 members across Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia in both the passenger car and heavy-duty sectors, generating over €10 billion of business annually.

UFI Filters offers the German-based group three fundamental advantages: technology developed and supplied for original equipment which also guarantees the quality of the original product for the Aftermarket network; selective distribution, meaning exclusive UFI and SOFIMA distributors throughout Europe and beyond; and lastly, the opportunity to develop a profitable business in the IAM market on both a European and global level.

This partnership with TEMOT will lead to potential growth of over 20% in the UFI Group turnover throughout Europe in 2018. This is due to the consolidation of existing contracts and the establishment of new distributors for UFI and SOFIMA brands.

The UFI internationalisation strategy, for which agreements with other international buying groups have already been established since 2014, continues full steam ahead. Joining TEMOT is another step towards growth that will allow an expansion of business with distributors that are part of larger networks.

Luca Betti, Director of the UFI Group Aftermarket Business Unit, said: “We are very proud of this new partnership. Being part of such an internationally prestigious group is the reward for our commitment to building an Aftermarket Business Unit that is solid and also recognised by this top distribution network. This collaboration will give the UFI Group the opportunity to significantly expand its business worldwide.”

The range available through the TEMOT network has more than 2,800 catalogue references for both UFI and SOFIMA brands which can be viewed online by visiting and

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