Stezzano / 21.02.2018

Brembo B-QUIET, the lubricant for high efficiency brakes

The new product from Brembo delivers high load capacity and reliability over the long term


Braking specialist Brembo has developed a new lubricant for the aftermarket, B-QUIET, which provides superior performance over a range of applications.

By their very nature, braking system components are subject to wear. Because they are responsible for the active safety of the vehicle, their constant and careful maintenance is essential to delivering satisfying performance in all driving conditions.

The maintenance of modern cars, therefore, has become much more sophisticated and complex than it used to be, requiring even greater attention by those working in this field.

Today's workshop professionals need to be not just highly competent in maintenance operations, they also need to be able to identify and select the best products on the market.

With these professional needs in mind, Brembo has introduced the new B-QUIET lubricant.

This lubricant is applied to the moving and sliding parts of the braking system, namely the caliper and pad sliding surfaces, pins and bushings. Thanks to its non-pasty consistency, B-QUIET spreads evenly on the pad backing plate without breaking up, helping to maintain its lubricating properties for a long time. Its oil-based, mineral composition is free of metals and fatty acids, which make it non-conductive and therefore ideal for vehicles with ABS systems.

Because it is insoluble Brembo B-QUIET is extremely resistant to high temperatures and vehicle washing, while its non-corrosive properties also make it compatible with all metals and NBR plastics. This means it is an excellent lubricant for a variety of other applications as well as braking systems, such as compressors, centralised lubrication systems, seat guides, sliding sunroof guides and battery contacts. In all these cases, Brembo B-QUIET lubricant significantly improves comfort and guarantees protection of the components against corrosion.

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