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UFI MULTITUBE equipped in new Maserati Spyder MC20 Cielo as original equipment

UFI Filters
  • Further extension of UFI MULTITUBE range
  • Innovative filter media, geometric flexibility, increased filter efficiency, reduced bulkiness, lower emissions and up to four percent more horsepower
  • Multiple award-winning technology

UFI Filters, a leader in filtration and thermal management, is proud to announce that its revolutionary engine air filter, UFI MULTITUBE, has been chosen by Maserati as Original Equipment (OE) in its brand-new supercar, the Spyder MC20 Cielo. Already equipped as OE in a variety of model types by car manufacturers such as Porsche, Fiat, Mercedes-Benz AG and Maserati, this current development further confirms the excellence and innovation of UFI MULTITUBE.

As the engine’s first line of defence, UFI MULTITUBE performs a vital role in the combustion process by providing the engine with clean air and by blocking the entrance of harmful debris, resulting in increased fuel efficiency, lower emissions and longer engine life. While this next generation product carries out all of the basic roles of a normal filter, its many innovations mean that it is taking engine filtration to a whole new level.

UFI MULTITUBE’s many advantages include improved flexibility, better fluid dynamics, lower weight and reduced emissions. It also boasts a filtering efficiency of over 99.5 percent, as well as a 50 percent reduction in pressure drops due to an UFI exclusive hydrophobic filter media called ‘FormulaUFI.Extreme’. Furthermore, this cutting-edge filter is able to provide an astonishing increase in horsepower of up to four percent for some vehicle applications.

With automobiles such as hybrids and electrics becoming increasingly complex, UFI MULTITUBE is designed with engine space limitations in mind. To this end, it is significantly smaller than standard engine filters taking up to 50 percent less room.

Tubular in structure, the filters are contained in a cartridge that is considerably lighter. The tubes that comprise UFI MULTITUBE are located in a polyamide airbox – designed and manufactured by UFI Filters – that contributes to lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

In keeping with UFI Filters’ dedication to safety, UFI MULTITUBE also guarantees vastly improved resistance to fire. This is demonstrated by its receiving of an F1 classification – the highest ISO score possible.

“The use by Maserati of UFI MULTITUBE in its Spyder MC20 Cielo supercar once again proves the innovative quality of this ground-breaking engine filter,” says Stefano Gava, COO EMEA at UFI Filters. “More and more OE manufacturers are beginning to discover the unique benefits which UFI MULTITUBE can provide.”

First launched at Automechanika 2018, UFI MULTITUBE has received many awards and nominations. These include: the Innovation Award Automechanika 2018, Frankfurt (nominee), Innovation Award Autotrade Expo 2018, Ireland (winner) and the AutoExpert Product of the Year Award in 2022, Poland (winner).

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