Stezzano / 28.07.2022

Brembo: Extraordinary growth in H1 2022

Revenues at €1,746.5 million, +28.3% vs H1 2021; EBITDA and EBIT up 13%; net profit at +17.3%


Compared to H1 2021:

  • Revenues at €1,746.5 million (+28.3%); +19.3% on a like-for-like exchange rate and consolidation basis
  • EBITDA at €305.3 million (EBITDA margin: 17.5%); EBIT at €187.5 million (EBIT margin: 10.7%)
  • Net investments for the period amounted to €121.6 million
  • Net financial debt at €595.1 million (€368.0 million prior to the application of IFRS 16), up €98.2 million compared to 30 June 2021

Brembo Executive Chairman Matteo Tiraboschi stated: “The significant H1 results approved today by the Board of Directors are the outcome of a long-term method and strategy adopted by the whole Brembo team, which has shown strong commitment even in such a complex context, thereby ensuring performance continuity in line with the first three months of the year. Our Company continues to focus on providing customers with the utmost service quality and on innovating our solutions. This direction is actually reflected in the recently announced joint venture with a leading group in the production of high-tech braking components — a transaction that strengthens our position in an important segment for us such as the aftermarket.

Although the constantly changing geopolitical and macroeconomic scenario requires us to be cautious, Brembo's solid position, the significant results achieved so far and the encouraging signals we are receiving from our reference market let us look towards the rest of the year with confidence.”


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Martin Pohl

Account Director

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