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From track to road: The Brembo GP4-MS caliper returns – raising the bar of sport riding even higher

Directly derived from MotoGP and homologated for road use, this renewed Brembo solution is already an emblem of pure performance and absolute sportiness


Brembo, the leading company in the development and production of high-performance braking systems, presents at EICMA 2022 the latest evolution in the Brembo GP4 family: the renewed GP4-MS caliper, which perfectly suits the needs of today’s motorcycles and the most demanding track enthusiasts. The caliper is capable of taking performance and sportiness on the road to an unprecedented level.

Designed and developed to equip the ultimate generation of powerful road bikes, the GP4-MS is a brake caliper born from the racetrack for the road. This is because it embeds all the latest technologies, the most innovative processes and materials together with the know-how acquired by Brembo in its many years of experience in the field of the racing world.

Just like the Brembo calipers used by professional riders in MotoGP, the new version of GP4-MS combines machining from solid billet aluminum with the monobloc technology. Compared to braking components manufactured by casting, machining from solid allows the use of materials with better mechanical characteristics, greater resistance even in extreme operation and, consequently, improvement to the performance of the entire braking system without compromising on durability.

Following the great success of the GP4-MS caliper – which is directly interchangeable with the standard radial forks of European maxisport bikes – Brembo, with this renewed version, has extended the range by offering a 108 mm fixing version for Japanese supersport bikes.

The ribbing on the front section embraces four pistons in aluminum and ensures the utmost rigidity of the system, transmitting to the rider a strong feeling of safety and reliability of the bike. Strength and pure performance even at high temperatures are also given by the nickel-coating treatment which marks out the Brembo GP4 family.

Particular attention has been paid to the introduction of ventilation fins on the outer body which improves the braking system’s thermal exchange, contributing to cooling it. This is achieved by air circulation as a result of vehicle movement, but more importantly by rotational-induced air movement of the brake discs and wheel. No less important is their strong aesthetic impact that makes the design of the caliper sharper and bolder.

The attractive style of the latest Brembo GP4-MS caliper is further enhanced by the nickel surface finishing that gives the solution a brighter and smoother look, while still ensuring longevity, wear resistance and optimal performance on the road for an uncompromising riding experience.

The caliper showcases the new Brembo logo, recently introduced and characterized by a simple and modern soul, with softer and more rounded shapes that speak to the digital native generation.

The Brembo GP4-MS caliper will be available on and on the market starting from 2023.

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