Frankfurt / 12.09.2018

UFI MULTITUBE: revolutionising engine air filtration

UFI Filters
  • Increased power: up to 4% more horsepower
  • Reduced emissions
  • Geometric flexibility and reshaping of the filter: as much as 50% less bulky
  • Deep filtration thanks to an innovative filter media

Exhibiting at Automechanika 2018, UFI Filters, a leader in the filtration technology and thermal management field, presents a revolutionary engine air filtration technology: UFI MULTITUBE. This patented system stands out for its tubular structure, which replaces the traditional panel filter; ensuring increased filtration performance and greater engine power in a reduced space.

UFI MULTITUBE introduces a cutting-edge technology into the original equipment market, firstly for Porsche GT2RS and soon for other high-volume applications, both Italian and international. The technology is set to spread rapidly throughout the OEM market, followed by the aftermarket.

What makes the filtration technology revolutionary is the particular geometric flexibility of the UFI MULTITUBE cartridge, the structure of which allows for pipes to be positioned in parallel, in series or according to different geometries, with different diameter and lengths depending on engine space requirements. The new UFI Group technology offers modularity and a flexible design to suit the specific needs of car manufacturers, adapting to the individual vehicle model and optimising space inside the engine compartment.

UFI MULTITUBE’s innovative features also include the reshaping of the filter. Despite retaining significant filtration performance - over 99.5% - in a more confined space, the company has reduced bulk by up to 50% compared with a traditional panel filter. This is particularly advantageous for hybrid cars, where space in the engine compartment is especially limited due to the presence of an electric device in addition to the mechanical systems.

Thanks to its geometric structure UFI MULTITUBE offers better fluid dynamics, ensuring a linear flow in terms of air passage. This reduces resistance and minimises the loss of pressure and energy; guaranteeing the availability of extra horsepower whilst also minimising harmful emissions and fuel consumption. Tests carried out by an external laboratory on an Audi 1.4 TFSI have confirmed an increase in horsepower of up to 4% with respect to the standard air vent.

Maximum performance, which exceeds that of the traditional panel type, is the result of a new concept in deep filtration. Air flow passes from the outside to the inside via the structure, which comprises one or more pipes – each of which is coated in a rigid, non-woven filter media with synthetic hydrophobic fibres, structured with a specific diameter and a distributed ‘porosity gradient’.

Another revolutionary feature of UFI MULTITUBE involves the specific materials of the media's deep filter cartridge, which is composed of hydrophobic fibres that retain full functionality throughout the entire life cycle of the product. In contrast, traditional products in pleated cellulose have significantly reduced filtration capacities. This is due to the deformation of materials that, with the inevitable absorption of humidity, causes a loss in air flow pressure, which in turn has a negative impact on engine power.

UFI’s MULTITUBE innovation has been selected as a “Nominee” in the Parts & Components category of the prestigious Automechanika Innovation Award 2018. This is an honour given only the most advanced technologies.

Luca Betti, Business Unit Aftermarket Director of the UFI Filters Group states: “UFI MULTITUBE represents a milestone in the world of filtration technology. Thanks to its modularity it can adapt to the different needs of car manufacturers, both for traditional engines and also offering many possible developments for hybrid applications. This is a cutting-edge innovation that will offer the aftermarket the uniqueness of a patented product, the quality and exclusive performance of a system that only UFI Filters can supply, and also a product that is easy to replace thanks to quick-release coupling inside the airbox.”

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