Nogarole Rocca / 06.10.2022

UFI Filters Group, through its subsidiary UFI Filters Hydraulics, acquires Friedrichs Filtersysteme GmbH

UFI Filters
  • The Hydraulic Division of the UFI Filters Group acquires 100% of Friedrichs Filtersysteme GmbH
  • The merger with the German manufacturer of filtration systems for the industrial, marine, wind power and mining sectors strengthens UFI Filters’ market position

UFI Filters Group, through its subsidiary UFI Filters Hydraulics S.p.A., is happy to announce that it has acquired all of the shares of Friedrichs Filtersysteme GmbH. This German company manufactures hydraulic products for the industrial sector and has its headquarters and plant production in Wassenberg, a town in the North Rhine-Westphalia Region.

Now in its 30th year of activity, this acquisition is part of the important growth strategy of UFI Filters Hydraulics, the Hydraulics Division of the UFI Group. As a result, UFI Filters Hydraulics is gaining access to a new world with several additional markets, and extending its portfolio with new products and patents. These include the duplex fluidtech® series of filters, deltaP® differential pressure indicators, air-oil mist separators for big generators, silencers for air compressors, water filters for marine and industry and other filtration units and breathers for several sectors, including wind power generation, mining and chemical industry.

By becoming part of UFI Filters Group, Friedrichs Filtersysteme will take advantage of the entire range of filters, elements and technologies already in the portfolio of the Group, with the aim of reaching a turnover of 15 million euros and 50 employees by 2025. In addition, the Hydraulic Division of the UFI Group will benefit from the almost fifty-year experience of the German company, as well as from the synergies deriving from the Friedrichs Filtersysteme patented brand philosophy, Fluent Thinking®.

With an expected turnover of 500 million euros in 2022, UFI Filters is further confirming its willingness to strengthen its presence in the German market through this acquisition.

Giorgio Girondi, Chairman of the UFI Filters Group, states: “Friedrichs Filtersysteme provides excellent synergy possibilities for our Group's Hydraulic Division and its brands. The range of filter materials and products developed by Friedrichs Filtersysteme is perfectly integrated with the technology and filter solutions developed by UFI Filters Hydraulics during its 30 years of activity. Furthermore, by also having a production site in Germany, which represents an important market in Europe, we will be further able to improve our presence in the country.”

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