Georgsmarienhütte, 24.08.2023

Press visit to GMH’s main steel mill


GMH Gruppe, one of Europe’s leading steel manufacturers, has signed an MoU with German Energy Service Provider EWE for the delivery of green hydrogen. To mark this important milestone in GMH’s transformation to carbon-neutral status by 2039, regional newspapers and trade magazines were invited to visit the plant with its impressive electric furnace at the main steel mill in Georgsmarienhütte. bmb-consult was tasked with inviting and informing media and hosting them on site.


  • Identifying relevant media for this occasion
  • Contacting, inviting and confirming participation
  • Preparation of the press material
  • Assisting GMH on site during the event
  • Arranging interviews and following up with journalists
  • Monitoring press coverage of the event


GMH’s press visit was a great success with 8 participants from different branches of the media. Aside from receiving the news release covering the future cooperation with EWE, the journalists were given a look behind the scenes at GMH’s pioneering electric-furnace technology. Indeed, they were particularly impressed by this “volcano”, which converts metal scrap to steel through the use of an electric arc furnace. The event was enjoyed by all of the journalists present and resulted in a wealth of online and print coverage throughout Germany.