Munich, 01.07.2019-12.12.2019

Variety of technical features for Exide Technologies


bmb-consult created three technical features for battery manufacturer Exide Technologies: “Summer maintenance: Why car batteries suffer in hot weather”, “Winter maintenance: Key for a long battery life” and “Battery Choice is Key to Optimising Total Cost of Ownership”. The features offered a look behind the scenes at Exide’s product ranges, providing key information for technical readers.


  • Selecting the topics and preparing briefing
  • Editing technical articles in English
  • Translating and proofreading in German and French
  • Creating full package for journalist with images
  • Responding to journalist enquiries and monitoring publications


The technical features were very well-received by German and French journalists. This resulted in the features either being published in their full-lengths or gaining considerable column inches in magazines and online portals which dealt with the topic of batteries. The English versions were translated and distributed locally by other Exide Technologies markets in Europe, such as in Poland.