Shanghai, 15.12.2018

NIO launches ES6 Electric SUV at NIO Day


The annual ‘NIO Day’ was celebrated in 2018 with 10,000 NIO users in the Shanghai Oriental Sports Centre. There, the Chinese car manufacturer specialising in electric vehicles held the world premiere of its ES6 high-performance, long-range electric SUV. On this occasion European journalists had the opportunity to visit the factory in Hefei for the first time, and to drive the bigger SUV ES8 on a test track.


  • Inviting journalists from Germany
  • Organising and coordinating travel arrangements
  • Accompanying media during the test drive, NIO House visit and event
  • Editing and distributing the press release in English and German
  • Monitoring publications after the event


The launch of the new NIO vehicle was a crucial event for shaping public opinion about the young company in Europe. Bringing journalists from the most influential German magazines played an important role in the client’s long-term strategy to build brand awareness. The large number of articles reflected the growing interest in electric vehicles and in the expanding Chinese automotive industry.