Ratingen, 29.01.2021

NGK SPARK PLUG launches classic car blog series, ‘Your car, your story’


NGK SPARK PLUG, the world’s leading ignition and sensor specialist, manages marketing and communications for the whole EMEA area from its regional headquarters in Ratingen, Germany. This territory encompasses over 750 employees, speaking more than 90 languages. As part of its online media programme, the company launched a new blog series, that focused on its car enthusiast employees and their classic and vintage vehicles, which they passionately renovate and maintain.


  • Conducting background research on each specific classic vehicle
  • Interviewing company employees about car and personal backstory
  • Building storyline
  • Drafting the story and editing in British English
  • Proofreading and finalising content


In collaboration with NGK SPARK PLUG EUROPE’s employees, bmb-consult has created a blog series featuring seven individual stories published throughout a 12-month period. From the Volkswagen Beetle to the Renault Dauphine, the blog series features a variety of classic vehicles as well as the individual stories connected to them. Published online on the company’s EMEA website and social media channels, the blog series is a big hit among the company’s employees and fans. It succeeds in shining a light on the many different human faces that comprise the company.