/ 02.03.2022

Berco: New Service Line for construction bulldozers

  • Perfect balance of value and performance
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Completion of Service Line for construction

Berco, a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of undercarriages and components to OEMs, today announced the launch of its new Aftermarket Service Line range especially for bulldozers in the construction sector with engine power between 60 kW and 200 kW. With this new entry, Berco completes its Service Line range designed for the sector, which already includes products for 13, 20 and 30-tonne excavators, introduced at the end of 2020.

The construction sector is an increasingly strategic market for Berco, especially since relative expenditure in the industry is forecast to grow by 80% by 2030, driven by a growing world population. This is the context in which the company is playing an increasingly important role in both OE and the Aftermarket, thanks to products which combine high standards of engineering, production and quality control processes along with the financial advantages of low TCO.

The Service Line range that Berco is offering for bulldozers includes rollers and lubricated chains designed to cope with intensive use; both products in which the company has extensive expertise. In particular, for 100 kW and 170 kW bulldozer applications – the most widely-used in the construction industry – the chains in the Service Line range have an exclusive, patented link profile design which reduces weight between 6 and 7%, without compromising their wear resistance or structural strength.

Production of the Service Line range reflects the high standards of quality in every product from Berco, satisfying customers who are seeking a low TCO to become more competitive – a vital determining factor given that 30% of machinery maintenance costs in the construction sector are attributable to the undercarriage.

Every product in the Service Line range provides a lengthy warranty period (up to 2,500 hours under normal operating conditions, in certain geographical regions such as Europe and the Americas), and is highly resistant to abrasion, impact and humidity.

Diego Buffoni, Head of Aftermarket at Berco, confirms this point: “I am extremely pleased to see the launch of this new line for bulldozers. It will provide Berco and its dealers with very satisfactory results in terms of new business opportunities, adding to those gained with the launch of our Service Line for excavators. In fact, in the last fiscal year, this contributed to a significant increase in our Aftermarket sales in the construction sector. It demonstrates just how well the Service Line is meeting market demands.”

Products from the Service Line range for bulldozers can already be ordered from Berco dealers through the company’s newly launched B2B e-commerce platform: a tool providing advanced product search capabilities and faster order entry.

The completion of its Service Line range for the construction sector is a further step forward for Berco in presenting itself as the ‘solution provider’ to its dealers, offering them an increasingly complete product range that will see, in the second half of 2022, the addition of even more new product groups beyond the undercarriage range.

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