Frankfurt / 11.09.2018

Saleri’s electromechanical water pump honoured as Automechanika Innovation Award “Finalist”


Saleri, the Italian designer and manufacturer of specialist water pumps and cooling system solutions to the automotive sector, has been honoured as a “Finalist” in the OE products category of the Automechanika Innovation Awards for its latest technology, the electromechanical water pump (EMP).

The market shows a growing demand for hybrid powered vehicles. For such vehicles, new energy management solutions are required. In response to this, Saleri has developed the EMP which can be exceptionally useful, delivering superior temperature control without the need for increased power. The innovation is designed to combine all the benefits of today’s mechanical pumps with those of electrical ones. In particular, the EMP is a highly flexible pump in terms of both performance and power, since the electronic technology allows control of the impeller’s speed across an extremely broad timeframe.

In addition, the presence of an electrical drive enables the water pump to be active even when the internal combustion engine (ICE) is off or in start & stop conditions, avoiding localised overheating and offering the possibility of removing auxiliary cooling circuits with ‘post-run’ cooling pumps. The option to have a single pump, with a central control, enables the removal of several components in the engine compartment (such as piping, couplings and auxiliary pumps) – making a considerable saving in weight and space.

In mechanical mode, the EMP uses the driving power from the ICE to reach extremely high cooling capabilities; essential for extreme conditions during vehicle operation. The current voltage levels of vehicle wiring (12V and 48V) do not allow normal electric water pumps to respond to the most severe working conditions. The benefits of Saleri’s EMP include instant and easy switching between electrical and mechanical modes to suit starting and stopping conditions. The new pump also allows precise control of coolant flows, including zero flow to eliminate energy absorption during engine warm-up.

“Saleri was always a pioneer in R&D. Such a prestigious acknowledgement fills us with pride and is an incentive to continue in this direction,” says Marco Pedersoli, R&D Manager of Saleri. “The company is preparing clear strategies for the major expected technological changes in the drivetrains of the future, to ensure that we remain highly relevant. Our next generation of ‘hybrid’ and ‘intelligent’ water pumps will be capable of operating either electrically or mechanically. Saleri is prepared to offer highly versatile, dynamic applications to this evolving market and to meet the requirements of tomorrow's vehicles.”

In hall 5.0, stand C66, Saleri will show a functional model of an EMP using holographic simulations. For more information visit

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