Milan, 09.12.2023

Brembo Hosts European Motorcycle Press


In connection with the 80th edition of EICMA in 2023, at which Brembo showcased it´s latest product developments, a select number of European motorcycle media had the opportunity to visit the company’s state-of-the-art production and testing department at Kilometro Rosso. Four magazines had the chance to look behind the scenes, which included visiting the “Art of Braking“ exhibition, which was transferred after it´s tremendous success at the MUDEC ( Museo delle Culture di Milano). Automotive PR support was offered by bmb-consult, which was tasked with inviting high-profile members of the European motorcycle media to EICMA and hosting the journalists during their visit to Brembo.


  • Identifying relevant European journalists
  • Contacting, inviting and confirming participation
  • Mailing press kits to European motorcycle media
  • Providing on-site support at EICMA
  • Hosting the attendees during the visit to Brembo
  • Following up with journalists after the event to obtain feedback


EICMA 2023 was an overall success with a high number of visitors. Attendees learnt about Brembo’s brand new braking components, including the Brembo Hypure OE caliper, the upgrade caliper Brembo GP4 MotoGP and the Brembo 16RCS corsa corta RR clutch. After the exhibition, a select number of journalists had the chance to discover where these products are produced at Kilometro Rosso. Both the exhibition and the visit to Brembo resulted in a number of videos and articles being published in the motorcycle media.